Landscaping Equipment and Tools

We've compiled a comprehensive catalogue of landscaping Tools and Equipment for you to buy or Hire.

If it’s landscaping tools that you need, we’re here to help. Browse our extensive range of gardening and landscaping tools available to buy online or to hire. Arbour Landscape Solutions is arguably one of the most competitively priced landscaping equipment stores.
As the UK’s one stop shop for landscape equipment and supplies we’re proud to offer good quality products. Every piece of landscaping equipment on our website is personally recommended by our Director, Richard Bickler who is of course, a landscaper by trade. We only offer the best landscaping equipment and supplies from Hand Tools and Power Tools to Excavator Hire, when you order from Arbour Landscape Solutions you can rest assured that we’ll have your tools with you quickly and easily.

Professional Landscaping Equipment

When you buy landscaping tools and equipment you need them to be reliable and sturdy enough that they won’t let you down. More than one landscaping business has been on the wrong end of a customer simply because power tools have broken down and couldn’t be replaced quickly and easily.
Every item in our range of landscape gardening tools has been tried, tested and recommended by professional landscapers like yourselves.
When it comes to machinery hire, we are 100% confident that the tools and equipment you need will be well maintained and safe. More importantly, it will be delivered (and collected!) on time.

Grouting Tools

Good grouting tools make the difference between a top notch job and an OK one. Arbour Landscape Solutions offers a complete range of Grouts and Pointing Materials as well as Levelling Clips, Spacers and Wedges. To keep your work looking amazing, we also have a range of Stone Sealers. 
Grouting tools available from Arbour Landscape Solutions include Mixers, Grouting Machines, Sponge Rollers and the good old fashioned Cellulose Sponges. Browse the category or use the search facility to find what you need. I think you’ll find that the prices are very competitive. Browse Grouting Equipment

Turf Tools

Professional turfing tools are a must if you want to create a beautifully level lawn that is easy to care for in the future. Whether you are laying natural lawn turf, installing wildflower turf or sowing seed, ground preparation is key.
Hiring A Turf Cutter from Arbour Landscape Solutions will get you off to a good start. This quickly removes all unwanted vegetation ready for waste away or for composting on site.
Next, our Hassle-Free Rotovator Hire will make light work of creating a fine, crumbly tilth.

Landscape Construction Tools

Before all of the detailing comes the groundworks. Our Excavators, Mini Diggers, Skips, Diggers and Dumpers are available to hire across the UK. Very reasonable rates and of course, superb service.