Garden Lighting

With more and more people wanting to enjoy their gardens all year round, garden lighting has never been more important. We have a spectacular range of UK made outdoor light fittings for you to choose from.  

These are the very light fittings used by Neil Parslow - one of the UK’s most sought after lighting designers.


How Lighting Enhances Garden Design And Landscaping

  • Allows outdoor spaces to be used for a greater part of the day.
  • Makes a home feel more welcoming.
  • Offers great views from within the home - even when its too cold or wet to be outdoors.
  • Highlights garden features such as multi stem trees or outdoor art.
  • The opportunity to play with light and shadows brings a whole new element to the challenge of garden design and allows you to really make an impact.
  • Great for wellbeing - garden lighting raises the spirits during those long dark winter days. 
  • Enhances safety - both from a security point of view and by making paths and steps more clearly visible.
  • Brings any garden design to life from dusk onwards.
  • Working from home? Use garden lighting to make your garden office feel less isolated.
  • Pet owner? Make it easier to keep an eye on your dog during those late night toiletting trips.
  • Use filters to change the appearance of the object you are lighting
  • Those finishing touches will earn you lots of word of mouth advertising for your design and landscaping skills

The UK made outdoor light fittings available to order online from Arbour Landscape Solutions are rather special - even if we do say so ourselves.

Each light is built to the highest possible specification and comes complete with a 10 year warrantee. They are available in a range of finishes and can be used for interiors and exteriors - ideal for modern lifestyle gardens.