Surveying Equipment

Getting your survey completely accurate at the outset of a project is essential to ensure that you will not be faced with any unforeseen challenges during a project.  A good survey also ensures that you can compile a perfect bill of quantities, only sourcing exactly what you need and minimising waste.

Good for your pocket and good for the planet!  

Perfect gardens call for perfect measurements, and what better way to carry out a site survey than by using highly accurate laser technology?

A professional topographical survey can be costly. If you are a garden designer, an architect or a landscaper who regularly uses the services of a surveyor, you might consider investing in your own surveying equipment.

Take Horizontal And Vertical Measurements

The Laser Surveying Equipment available to order online from Arbour Landscape Solutions will easily take horizontal and vertical measurements. Meaning you no longer need to rely on having a team mate to hold the end of your tape measure.  

With this equipment, you can gather information for linear measurements, running measurements and triangulation measurements. Measurements that you not only need for layout plans and construction drawings, but that can be used to double check the positioning of landscaping elements as work progresses.

Speed Up The Consultation Process

By taking your surveying equipment along to an initial consultation, you can gather all the information you need to create a garden design, in just one visit. Saving you hours of precious time AND the cost of a repeat visit. 

Build your brand.

Imagine how much more professional and trustworthy you will appear to your potential customers if you can demonstrate your knowledge and efficiency. Giving a good impression will often lead to word of mouth advertising in the future. 

Modern equipment never fails to impress - investing in surveying equipment is like investing in your brand. Your company name will become associated with a go-ahead attitude.