Hardwood Decking for Landscaping

Looking for hardwood decking or landscaping timber? Arbour Landscape Solutions offers you a wide choice of hardwoods and all of the accessories you’ll need to install and care for it.

Follow the link below to order samples of hardwood decking.

how to order samples of hardwood decking

Hardwood decking has a style and a class all of its own.  Whether you love the aroma of the wood as you work with it, the patterns formed by the grain or that wonderful silky smooth feel of decking beneath your feet, there’s nothing else quite like it.

All of the timber supplied by Arbour Landscape Solutions is from a reputable source. Please read the product descriptions to learn about the origin of the wood and its particular properties.

Alternatively,  try Norwegian Kebony Decking. This the result of some clever research and development. Sustainably grown pinus is impregnated with a bio-based substance to replicate the properties of hardwood.  Economical and better for the environment, this timber takes on silvery grey tones as it ages and is frequently recommended by UK architects. 

Timber Treatments.

If your garden design calls for timber treatments to be applied, we thoroughly recommend ordering your products online when you buy hardwood decking.

Arbour Landscape Solutions offers a comprehensive range of top quality timber treatments that will highlight the quality of your work and protect it for generations to come.  Take A Look At Our Cleaners, Preservatives, Oils and Colour Restorers Here

Tools and fixings.

As well as timber and timber treatments, you’ll find specialist screws and fixings all ready to order online from the one-stop-landscape-shop. Click HERE For More Details. 

Need help to compare different types of hardwood? The Arbour Landscape Solutions team is here to answer your questions. Click HERE To Email Us