Fibreglass & Hardwood Planters

Robust planters in tradition and contemporary styles to add design details to your landscaping project.


5 Reasons To Use Planters In Your Garden Designs

  • Brings plants nearer to eye level
  • Allows you to use specialist growing media for fussy plants
  • Great for disability access - no need for bending and can be reached from a wheelchair
  • Keeps vigorous root systems under control
  • Attractive way to divide a garden into separate zones

Of course there are many more than five reasons to incorporate fibreglass and hardwood planters into your garden designs. And I’m sure you can think of literally thousands of ways that a good quality planter will enhance your work.

They’re convenient, eyecatching, versatile and incredibly stylish too.

We’ve showcased a few of the favourite fibreglass and hardwood planters from our extensive range on this page. However, there are many more available both in standard sizes or bespoke.

What are you aiming to achieve with your planters? Are you using them to optimise growing conditions in a difficult part of the garden? Are they for screening or dividing up a larger space? Or, do you plan to turn your planters into a unique water feature?  Whatever their function, we can help you to source the perfect planter for your project.

Hardwood Planters

As you might imagine, we’re very fussy about the quality of the hardwood planters we supply to garden designers and landscapers throughout the UK.  We want them to be not only beautiful, but sustainably sourced too.   Because of the quality of the wood used to make them, they don’t need any treatments - but of course, their pristine appearance is easier to maintain if they are regularly cleaned and oiled.  

Check our website for cost effective, high quality timber treatments.

Fibreglass Planters

What’s not to love about fibreglass planters?  They are light weight (great for roof terraces!), extremely durable and the colour goes right through - so bumps and scratches will never show.  The colour is UV stable too - these things will look good forever!

Available in a range of shapes and sizes and with seven different RAL colours as standard as well as our bespoke service, you can literally have whatever planter your heart desires.