Paving and Tiler Lifters

Health and Safety, quite rightly, is a major consideration on a landscaping site. These paving and tiler lifters help reduce injuries AND allow you to work more efficiently. Browse the range of paving and tile lifters as well as chargers and accessories below.

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Paving and tile lifters are becoming an essential landscaping tool. Capable of handling many different landscaping materials, these innovative tools help you to lift and manoeuvre heavy materials.

In simple terms, a paving lifter or tile lifter, creates a temporary handle on an otherwise flat surface. It doesn’t however, pierce or damage the surface in any way shape or form. It won’t even leave a mark!

Normally powered by a rechargeable battery, these lifters work on the same principal as a sink plunger or one of those little toys that anchor themselves to a flat surface with a sucker foot.

Once contact is made with your landscaping material - whether it be porcelain, stone or timber, air is pumped out to create a vacuum seal.  And as you know - once such as seal is made, it’s pretty difficult to break.

With the handle firmly attached to your pavers or tiles, you can lift and manoeuvre them comfortably.  

Depending on the weight of the object to be lifted, what might have been a two person job, can now be achieved by someone working alone. 
Our Porcelain Paving and our Natural Stone Ranges can now be comfortably moved without having somebody on each end of them.

Best Selling Landscaping Tools

Of all of the landscaping tools available to order online from Arbour Landscapes, these paving and tile lifters definitely among the best sellers. As you’d expect from the Landscape Industry Specialists, they are competitively priced and can be delivered to you in double-quick time.