Hedges, Trees & Anchoring Systems

Let Arbour Landscape Solutions help you find the trees and hedges you need to complete your landscaping project.  

If you have a specific species on your bill of quantities, get in touch and we will use our bespoke service to source for you, or use the new UPLOAD YOUR MATERIALS LIST service and we will seek out each and every item for you, taking the pain out of procurement.

Trees and hedges have a multitude of uses in garden design and landscaping. Check out our UK grown instant hedging solutions for all year round delivery.https://www.arbourlandscapesolutions.co.uk/instant-hedging/

  • Boundary markers.
  • Privacy screening.
  • Noise absorption.
  • Wildlife habitat.
  • Pollution capture.
  • Adding height and structure.
  • Growing fruit for consumption.

Sourcing services for trees and hedges

At Arbour Landscape Solutions we know that when it comes to trees and hedges there are too many species and formats to showcase on one website. And so, as well as a selection of best selling plants and products, we’re proud to offer you a bespoke sourcing service.

Whether you need specimen trees, pleached trees, mature trees or young whips of any species, our team is here to take the pain out of procurement.

Simply let us know what you need - or upload your list and we’ll do the rest.

Planting accessories

Need tree anchors and/or irrigation kits? We have a whole section on our website dedicated solely to securing your trees and giving them the very best chance of survival.  Take a look here and if you need any technical advice, our team members are more than happy to help. 

Soils and mulches

As well as trees and hedges, you’ll find a broad selection of soils and mulches to help establish your plants. Most are available bagged or in loose loads - so you can get the very best value for money. Take a look here.