Tree Anchors And Irrigation Kits

Get those newly transplanted trees off to the best possible start with these specialised Tree Anchors. Proven to reduce root rock and promote straight trunks and healthy growth.

As always, your Landscape Industry Specialists are on hand 24/7 to answer questions and offer technical advice if needed. 

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Planting and caring for trees properly has never been more important. Trees play a vital part in the fight against climate change. Not only do they help cool the atmosphere through evapotranspiration, they are a highly effective way of removing carbon dioxide and pollutants from the air.

From the smallest saplings to the most magnificent mature trees, establishing these beauties means making sure they have a consistent supply of water whenever they need it. Once the landscaper is off-site, tree irrigation can sometimes be overlooked by the clients, resulting in dead trees and unhappy customers. Investing in a Tree Irrigation Kit is money well spent. Take a look at the options available from our landscaping supplies website. Aptly named the “Piddler” this tree irrigation system is highly recommended. It’s discreet AND effective.

Next to drought, wind rock has to be one of the biggest risks to trees. Adequate staking is crucial for all trees as they establish and for larger, more mature trees, it’s vitally important. Our MD, Richard Bickler, has carried out considerable research into tree anchorage systems and this is by far his favourite.  It’s robust, adaptable, and very discreet. The tree is stabilised by ensuring that the root ball cannot move. Not only does this vastly reduce the risk of the tree falling, but it also prevents the damage to fine roots that is so often detrimental to tree growth and health.

Each one of the products in this range of Tree Anchors and Irrigation Kits comes complete with full instructions. And of course, the Arbour Landscape Solutions Team is on hand with oodles of free advice. Don’t let your tree planting efforts go to waste – let your legacy for the next generation include a wealth of safe, healthy, and much-loved trees. Invest in tree irrigation and tree anchors so that each sapling you plant will benefit people and wildlife for many years to come.