Garden Gates

We supply a wide range of Gates for you to incorporate into your projects from wooden, composite or iron, automatic to manual.  

Gates. Where would we be without them? From security gates to keep your pet safe to pretty little garden gates to create a journey from one part of the space to another.

Whatever kind of gate you are looking for (and we're still adding options to our website!) Arbour Landscape Solutions can source them for you at sensible prices.

Bespoke Gates

Perhaps you need a bespoke gate for a very special project? Between us, our team are in regular contact with some of the world’s most talented artisans. Working with timber, metal and reclaimed materials, we can commission a set of gates that will really add the wow factor to your landscaping scheme.

Building Your Own gates

If you plan to build your own gates that will blend seamlessly with your fencing, or stand out and create true visual impact, then you will need materials.

You will, of course, find all manner of Screws and Fixings on the Arbour Landscape Solutions website. We also supply timber and composite products. 

Don’t worry if you cannot see exactly what you need - not all of our products have found their way onto the website yet.

A quick call or an email to explain what you are looking for, is all that is needed to activate the team’s search engines. We’ll trawl our catalogue of landscaping products and be back to you with a price and a delivery date before you know it.

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