Grass Seed

From ultra fine lawns to wildlife conservation areas, Arbour Landscape Solutions has a Grass Seed mix for every applicatio


Selecting the right grass seed species is crucial to the success of your lawn or landscaping project. There are thousands of grass seed cultivars available to buy, but only a few of those will be right for your job.

Take our Tough Turf Grass Seed for example. It’s ideal for a hardwearing family lawn or for public open spaces. However, it wouldn’t make a great surface for a bowling green.

Grass Seed for Shaded Areas

One of the questions our Landscape Industry Specialists are often asked, is “what is the best grass seed for shaded areas?”  We’re proud to offer you a specialist blend of grass cultivars that are well adapted to growing in the dry shade beneath trees. It’s ideal for sowing in orchards or newly planted woodland areas and can even be used in shady areas of the garden.
Click Here To Buy Our Shade Tolerant Grass Seed Online. 

Grass Seed for Ecologically Sensitive Areas

The Arbour Eco Range includes Grass Seed and Wildflower Seed with strong environmental benefits. All lawns and grassland of course absorb greenhouse gasses and emit oxygen .. but some of our seed mixes have extra benefits.  

Concerned about biodiversity? Check out our Clover Mix.  Slow growing, needs virtually no feeding and produces masses of pollen rich flowers to help support beneficial insects.

To boost biodiversity in a landscaping project, our Grassless Lawn Seed contains a whopping 21 species of low growing wildflowers that are happy to be walked on.  

Struggling to find the right grass seed for your project? Our very own Angela Lambert spent 20 years working with grasses and wildflowers, Click Here To Email Her With Your Questions.