Wire rope Balustrades

Wire Rope Balustrades are a simple and effective way to create safe unobtrusive balustrades and boundaries.  Everything you need for a complete and professional balustrade project is available here. Constructed from 1x19 strand marine grade (316) stainless steel wire rope which is stronger than other types of stainless steel cable and ideal for completely rust free and safe installations.

UK building regulations stipulate that a secure barrier needs to be installed wherever there is a drop of more than 60cm. Which means that there are plenty of opportunities for landscapers to create beautiful balustrades.
A Wire Rope Balustrade creates a modern, minimalist feel and doesn’t spoil the view. Suitable for decking, stairways, balconies, raised platforms and podium gardens, the system available from Arbour Landscape Solutions is highly adaptable.

The full range of fittings can be ordered online. Everything from Posts and Handrails to Tensioners, End Caps, Eye Bolts and Wires.

Alternative Products

You may be undecided as to which balustrade system will look best with your developing garden design.

Arbour Landscape Solutions also offers very stylish glass balustrades which can be made from clear, frosted or coloured glass. Show Me Glass Balustrades

We also have easy-care Composite Balustrades. These have a comfortingly strong appearance and match our London and Oxford composite decking ranges

Technical advice

The team at Arbour Landscape Solutions are on hand to help you compare and contrast our products and to answer any technical queries you may have.
It costs nothing to talk to the team and you will never be pressured into making a decision. However you could save yourself a lot of worry simply by talking to our landscape industry specialists.