Steel Fencing Panels & Sheets

Corten Steel Panels from Arbour Landscape Solutions. Let your imagination run wild with these beautifully weathered Steel Sheets. Ideal for use in contemporary garden design.

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Corten Steel Sheet (also known as weathering steel) is instantly identifiable thanks to its rich, bright orange tones. Originally developed for building coal carriages in 1930s America, it is now one of the most stylish and durable metals on the market. 

This wonderful Corten steel plate might look like it’s rusty, but thanks to clever manipulation in its processing, the outer oxidisation actually protects the steel from further corrosion, as well as making it look very good indeed. There’s no need to paint these panels and they just look better with age, no wonder designers love it. 

Using Steel Panels in Garden Design

For years, Corten has been the metal of choice for containers and other shipping elements.But where could you use it in the garden?

  • Wall Cladding.
  • Screening.
  • As an alternative to rendering on planters etc.
  • Water features.

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Other Corten Products From Arbour Landscape Solutions

Corten Steel Sheets are great, but there are other materials that offer similar results.

Take a look at our XTech Porcelain Cladding for example - super-slim tiles in generous proportions that look fantastic on internal or external walls. 

Or what about these Woven Corten Fence Panels?  Simply exquisite and perfect for a contemporary or a country garden style project.

For low planters or lawn edging, our Corten Metal Edging is just the ticket. Available in a range of heights from 75mm to 300mm.

Finally, we have an extensive range of Corten Pots and Planters to complement and dress your garden design projects. 

For bespoke landscaping materials, please don’t hesitate to get in touch - it’s our speciality!