Glass balustrades & Glass Panels

Stylish, elegant and impeccably well made Glass Balustrades from your Landscape Industry Specialists.

Up to the minute garden design uses modern landscaping materials for clean lines, low maintenance surfaces and, above all contemporary styling.

Glass Balustrades definitely have a place in stylish landscaping projects. Primarily used as a safety feature that won’t block any views, glass can also be used to separate garden zones or to give shelter from chilly winds.

Glass Balustrades From Arbour Landscape Solutions

Creating glass balustrades involves precise measurements and bespoke solutions which is why we’re not able to offer our usual online ordering service for these products. However, it only takes a couple of minutes to Contact The Team With Your Requirements. We’ll get back to you right away with the perfect solution for you - and an attractive price.

The same applies to ordering glass panels - either for an existing balustrade or for one that is in the making. We can supply any type of glass panel that you need - but we prefer to offer personal service for such a bespoke product.

Arbour Landscape Solutions supplies high quality, laminated glass sheets in a range of bespoke finishes. From rounded edges to coloured interlayers, pre-drilled holes to sandblasting or specialist finishes.

A Wide Choice Of Balustrades

Contemporary glass balustrades are not your only garden design option. Explore the Arbour Landscape Solutions website to find Composite Balustrades, Wire Rope Balustrades, Landscaping Timber and Green Walls.

Can’t find what you need? Our team is always happy to help solve your landscaping and garden design conundrums. Simply Get In Touch and we’ll do the rest.

Need inspiration? Take A Look At Our Case Studies to discover what other people have been building.