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New Standards for Artificial Grass Installation

01/02/2022 - News

Richard Bickler from Arbour Landscape Solutions was recently honoured to contribute to the latest book by landscape industry expert Alan Sargent.  

Alan has published a set of comprehensive guidelines for the installation of artificial grass.  Entitled “Installation Standards For Artificial Grass In Domestic Gardens”

Installation Standards Guide For Artificial Grass

Why Does The Landscape Industry Need Guidelines For Artificial Grass Installation?

Love it or hate it, artificial grass is a relatively new landscaping material that is definitely in demand for shaded or low maintenance gardens.  But until now, there has been little or no official guidance as to the best way to install this product in a domestic setting. 

There are no British Standards for laying artificial turf as yet.  Most suppliers offer simple installation instructions and every landscaper has their own preferred method. But, as a landscaper, how do you ensure that your work will stand the test of time? How can you guard yourself against any possible repercussions?

In his book, Alan Sargent looks in detail at every aspect of specifying and installing artificial grass.  From investigating fundamental issues such as soil conditions and drainage requirements to deciding which type of backing and pile depth is best suited to the particular application.

What's In The Book?

For a very reasonable cost, you will learn about....

  • Health and Safety - assessing risks.
  • Estimating.
  • Materials and Products.
  • Installation Guidance and Specification.
  • Aftercare and Maintenance Recommendations.

More About Alan Sargent

Alan is probably one of the most experienced people in the landscape industry and somebody who everyone at Arbour Landscape Solutions looks up to.  His knowledge spans a vast range of topics from writing contracts to the practicalities of laying slabs. As a respected expert witness he’s seen more examples of how not to do it, than the rest of us put together.

landscape industry expert Alan Sargent

If you have read any of Alan’s books for garden designers or landscapers you’ll know that his writing style is really easy to read and full of practical advice.  In “The Garden Designer’s Survival Guide” he writes about such topics as dealing with difficult customers,  dealing with the legal aspects of working on site, and marketing your skills.

In Installation Standards For Artificial Grass in Domestic Gardens, Alan offers some very industry specific and product specific advice that every landscaper needs to know - even landscapers who have been installing the product for years.

You can order your copy of the book directly from Alan.  It’s worth every penny!  Click Here To Buy The Book.