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Why Choose Composite Landscaping Materials

07/06/2022 - Featured Products

Why Choose Composite Landscaping Materials?

In the last 5 years, we’ve seen a huge increase in demand for composite landscaping materials, so what is it that makes composite decking and composite fencing so popular with landscapers and their clients?  We’re looking at the pros and cons of composite landscaping materials.

composite decking with natural driftwood appearance furnished with contemporary woven garden chairs

Composite decking is available in a huge variety of finishes.  This is 'Driftwood' from Millboard's Weathered Oak range.

What is Composite?

Composite decking, fencing and balustrades are man-made landscaping products that have been specially engineered to mimic the look and feel of natural timber, but to behave very differently when exposed to the delights of the UK weather.

By combining recycled wood with recycled plastics, manufacturers have come up with an eco-friendly alternative to timber that won’t rot, fade, splinter or need expensive chemical preservatives to keep it looking good.  It is carefully coloured and moulded to create contemporary products that readily meet the demand for stylish, low maintenance gardens.

Benefits of composite landscaping materials include:

  • Made with up to 95% recycled materials (depending on manufacturer and design) - great for an environmentally friendly garden scheme.
  • Easy to install. Handles just like timber and doesn’t require any specialised tools or equipment.
  • Incredibly durable. This stuff won’t rot, splinter, warp or twist making it ideal for use near water.
  • At least 25-30 year lifespan - considerably longer than natural timber.
  • Composite fencing looks the same on both sides - keeps the neighbours happy because nobody gets the ‘bad’ side.
  • Anti slip surface.
  • No need for chemical preservatives - making composite products very low maintenance.

Composite  Landscaping Materials - What’s Available?

The range of composite landscaping materials continues to grow as manufacturing techniques are honed and developed.  Composite decking is commonplace nowadays, but did you know that you can also get composite cladding, composite balustrades and several designs of composite fencing.

Join us in London for this free CPD presentation with Richard Bickler of Arbour Landscape Solutions and a team of composite experts from Millboard.  Click on the image below for more details and to book your place.

graphic describing CPD event with Millboard and Arbour Landscape Solutions

Composite Cladding For Garden Buildings

Millboard’s cladding range is just perfect for garden buildings and has been especially designed for easy installation. No more fiddling around with tongue and groove, these boards just slot together effortlessly.  Use them horizontally or vertically according to your design and enjoy the fact that each board is profiled to make sure that rain water flows straight off them.

modern outbuilding with millboard composite cladding

Composite Fencing

Whenever I think of Composite fencing I’m reminded of the beautiful family garden created by Harlow Garden Services just before lockdown.  So stylish and incredibly practical too.  Take a look at the case study here.

modern family garden with black composite fence to the left hand side, contemporary shelter and large lawn

Of course, not all composite fencing looks the same.  Some designs may call for ranch style fencing to define an area without making it feel separated from its surroundings.  Being able to mix and match different colourways is an added advantage of composite fencing - it allows you to  thoroughly personalise your design.

composite ranch fencing in grey and black

Composite Balustrades

The perfect finishing touch for any composite decking project.  Buy composite posts and balustrades to precisely match your deck and install them in a fraction of the time it would take to build them from timber.    You know that no-one is going to get a splinter from the hand rail and that with no chance of them rotting, they will remain safe for a very very long time

Composite Gates

These work beautifully almost anywhere.  From inserted between brick pillars in a traditional garden to providing a seamless appearance to a composite fencing.  Composite gates are among the best selling products on the Arbour Landscape Solutions website.  Call us today for more details.

Composite Decking

Last but by no means least, composite decking. One of our most popular landscaping materials.  I don’t need to describe the incredible range of colours and finishes available from our website.  There are hollow composite decking boards for domestic projects where budget is a big consideration.  We also offer solid composite decking for heavier footfall and a closer resemblance to natural wood.

If you love the look of timber but still want all of the benefits of a composite product, Our ‘Bath’ solid composite decking.  could be perfect for your project. Or, try Millboard’s Weathered Oak for a more rustic appearance,


landscaper installing solid composite decking boards

Next time you are specifying fencing, decking, balustrades or cladding, why not consider composite landscaping materials?  If you need further persuasion, we are happy to supply samples for you and your clients to examine and of course, we’re here to answer any questions you may have.

Order composite samples here.

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