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Free Services for Landscapers and Garden Designers

27/04/2021 - Services

Arbour Landscape Solutions can take the strain out of running your business with our free services for landscapers and garden designers.

  • -Forget about office hours, with Arbour Landscape Solutions you can find research products, find prices, build and save quotes at any time of the day or night
  • -Our Bill of Quantities pricing service saves you hours of admin work
  • -Looking for something unique? Try our bespoke procurement service
  • -FREE technical advice from experienced landscapers and product experts
  • -Speedy sample delivery service
  • Complimentary on site specification service - discover more here
  • -Get recommendations for garden designers or a landscaper who can help bring your project to fruition
  • -Promote your work via our website and social media channels

At Arbour Landscape Solutions, we know that your time is precious. As an ex-landscaper, our MD, Richard Bickler has experienced first hand the pressures of running a business whilst trying to enjoy family life. It’s hard - especially during the busy season. Managing staff, sourcing materials, organising deliveries and looking for your next job - sometimes the days just aren’t long enough.  That’s why Richard has developed a unique website with a range of tools that will cut down your admin time.

Finding Landscaping Materials Online

The powerful search engine within the Arbour Landscape Solutions website makes finding landscaping materials really speedy.

Simply type your search terms into the box at the top of the website.  You’ll be spoiled for choice! Use filters to narrow down your selection by category, size, colour, effect or collection*.

*Arbour Landscape Solutions offers three collections -

Once you have found the products you like, sign in to your account to order samples with a single click, see prices and build quotes.

FREE technical advice

You don’t need to place an order to benefit from our free advice service. If you are wondering which materials are best for your project, or how to make the most of them - just drop us an email.  As soon as the right team member is free, we’ll call you back and answer all of your questions.  PS….There are no daft questions, with so many landscaping materials available today you, it’s impossible for anyone to remember everything about all of them. That’s why there’s a whole team of us - each with different areas of expertise.

NEW SERVICE - My Bill of Quantities

How many hours have you spent poring over paperwork to price an enormous list of materials, plants and equipment? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could delegate the whole thing to someone you trust? Well now you can.

One of the latest features on the Arbour Landscape Solutions website is aptly named “My Bill of Quantities”.  Simply log in to your trade account. Select My Bill of Quantities from your dashboard and upload the file containing your bill of quantities.  

Our team of experienced landscape industry specialists will get to work straight away calculating prices (including delivery) for each and every item.  We can even price up and organise things like Portaloo hire.

Screenshot of My Bill of Quantities feature on Arbour Landscape Solutions website

Bespoke Landscaping Materials

Garden designers - don’t ever feel that you have to design a space to fit existing materials. At Arbour Landscape Solutions, we find the materials to fit your space.

Richard’s speciality is sourcing bespoke landscaping materials. He has a wide circle of contacts from every corner of the globe - all ready and waiting to make (or grow) something beautiful just for you.

Save yourself hours of fruitless internet searches and phone calls - just email Richard with your product specification and he’ll find exactly what you need. He’s like a sniffer dog in a warehouse - he won’t give up until he gets results!

Share your work with the world

Urgh! Marketing! We all know it’s important, yet when you are busy, it’s easy to put marketing on the back burner. But what if you had a team of marketing experts working to get your projects seen by influencers and to help drive traffic to your website?

Anna Roochove and Angela Lambert are both freelance marketers who devote some of their time each week to ensuring that Arbour Landscape Solutions’ customers get the exposure and the credit they deserve.  All you need to do is supply them with pictures, give them a few details about the project and sit back while they work their magic.  

When you buy landscaping materials from Arbour Landscape Solutions, you can have a case study written and published on our website. Anna and Richard will also work tirelessly to promote your work via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - thus driving traffic to your website. It’s great for your SEO and super PR for your business. Best of all, it won’t cost you a penny.

See some of the case studies on our website

PS we’d love to see more case studies from garden designers - please email Anna if you have something to share.

How can we help you?

The Arbour Landscape Solutions website is constantly under development. We add more products, cases studies, technical information and online tools every single week.  What online tools would help you the most?

Get in touch today to tell us what you need.

Discover more about our FREE on-site specification service where you can discuss product choices with one of our experts.