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How To Personalise Your Quotes

19/04/2022 - Services

This remarkable new feature on the Arbour Landscape Solutions website allows you to streamline your quoting system and present your clients with beautifully presented, personalised quotes in a fraction of the time.

The Personalised Quotes feature allows you to:

Browse our enormous range of landscaping materials and create an instant quote at trade prices.

yes  Price landscaping materials, build, save and edit quotes to buy the products you need.
yes  Edit quantities and add or remove products as you refine your wish list.
yes  Personalise your quote and prepare it for sending your your customer.
yes  Upload your company logo so that it will appear on your personalised quote - just as it would if you had created it manually.
yes  Accurately add your percentage markup to materials before quoting your customer.
yes  Add labour costs, hire costs and extra services to the quote.
yes  Download or print a neat, nicely presented quote which is ready to send to your clients.
yes  Edit and refine at any stage during the quoting process.
yes  Quote can be stored on your secure dashboard so that you can return to it at any time.
yes  Turn your materials quote into an order with one click of your mouse button.

We've built our Personlised Quote feature so that It’s easy, it’s convenient and it does the maths (and most of the typing) for you.  The Personalised Quotes feature will save you many hours of boring admin work.

How To Use the Personalised Quotes Feature - A Step By Step Guide

1. Log in to your account on the Arbour Landscape Solutions website.  Not registered yet? You can sign up here - it only takes a few seconds.

2.  Get ready to personalise any or all of your quotes, by uploading your business logo and telling us how much markup you’d like to add to your materials.  

image showing where to click on the arbour landscape solutions website dashboard if you wish to upload your own company logo to personalise quotes

Click on the 'Upload Logo' tab to start  personalising quotes for your customers

Go to the green coloured menu at the top of the page and click on ‘upload logo’.  Click on ‘select file’, find the image on your computer and press ‘upload’.  Job done.

Now type in the percentage markup you want to add to your personalised quote.  No need to add the % sign. Just type in the numbers.

Click on the ‘Update Details' button.

Screen shot of Arbour Landscape Solutions dashboard with arrow indicating where to click in order to edit quotes

3. Familiarise Yourself With The Quotes Dashboard.  

Go back the green menu and click on ‘quotes’.  If you’ve used Arbour Landscape Solution’s quick quote facility before you’ll see that we’ve changed it slightly.  We’ve added three new columns to the dashboard, each with a green header.  These green columns are where you’ll be personalising your quotes.  But first, let’s make a test quote.

4. Build A Quote

In the quotes tab of your dashboard, scroll down to click on the ‘create new quote’ button.

Fill in the boxes to give your quote a reference. You might use your client’s name, the project address or some other memorable information.

Now populate your quote by adding products from the Arbour Landscape Solutions website.

Use the search box to find what you need, or click on menu to start browsing.

When you have found the product you want, complete the quantity box and click on ‘add to quote’

As each product is added to your quote, you will be returned to the quote dashboard where you can easily see the prices you will pay (including VAT and delivery)  and edit quantities.

When your quote is personalised, it will automatically ad your percentage markup to any products and you will also be able to add items such as labour cost, skip hire, fees for electricians etc

Once you are happy with materials and quantities, with the quote on your screen, scroll back to the top and click on the quotes tab again.

5. Personalise Your Quote

Find the quote you want to personalise on your dashboard and select the page icon in the “edit details’ column with the green coloured header.

where to find the edit personalised quote icon on the arbour landscape solutions dashboard

Use this tab to add customer details, labour costs and sundry items to your quote

Now fill in your customer’s name and address. These will appear on the personalised quote when you download it.

Next, add in your labour costs for the project EXCLUDING VAT (the personalised quote feature automatically calculates VAT for you).  Don’t forget to type some text in the description box for labour costs - something as simple as “labour for garden makeover” will be fine.

NOTE:  Only the boxes you type into will appear on your personalised quote - if you leave a box, or a section, blank, it won’t show.

If you have more items to add to your quote, scroll down to the ‘miscellaneous items’ section.  In this part of the personalised quote feature, you need to complete all 3 fields for each item that you want to appear on the finished PDF document.

Remember to type in the FULL price excluding VAT.  Your percentage markup will only be automatically applied to materials selected from the Arbour Landscape Solutions website.

When you are happy that your personalised quote covers everything you need it to, click on “Update Details’.

(Don’t worry, you can go back and edit it if you need to).

6. Download or Print Your Personalised Quote

Go back to your quotes dashboard by clicking on the ‘quotes’ tab

To view your personalised quote, select either the ‘Print PDF’ or ‘Download PDF’ icons from the green section of the quote menu.

Your personalised quote should appear as if by magic, all ready to send to your customer along with your usual terms and conditions, contract etc.

7. Turn Your Quote Into An Order With Just One Click

To compare the personalised quote you have just built with the materials quote from Arbour Landscape Solutions, click on the ‘quotes’ tab again to return to your dashboard. Then click ‘view quote’ from the purple-topped section of the dashboard.

From here, you can review materials costs, edit quantities and place your order.  Please note, that any changes made to this part of the quote will automatically update the customer version of the personalised quote too.

Need help to create your first personalised quote?  

Contact the Arbour Landscapes Solutions team to arrange a demonstration and to ask all of those questions that are buzzing round in your head.