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World Water Day - What Does It Mean For The Landscape Industry

14/03/2023 - News

Where would we be without water? The UK is fortunate in that we do normally have enough rain to service our needs for drinking, food production, hygiene and industry.  However,  with climate change, and an ever expanding built environment, the way we manage this precious resource needs to change.

The last few years seem to have been a roller coaster of near drought conditions followed by extreme flooding. Neither of which contribute to a sustainable life for the UK’s residents, farmers, infrastructure and businesses.

But what can the landscape industry do to protect our precious water supplies?   Well, here are some suggestions:

  • enlightened Design a means of capturing and/or storing rainwater into each landscaping scheme you build.
  • enlightened Reduce pressure on drains by taking measures to slow down the rate of runoff from hard surfaces - eg green roofs and rain gardens. 
  • enlightened Ensure that as many surfaces as possible are as porous as possible so that water can behave as nature intended.
  • enlightened Make wise planting choices.
  • enlightened Improve soil health so that it can absorb and retain enough water to support trees, plants and lawns.
  • enlightened Mulch to reduce water loss through evaporation.
  • enlightened Harness water onsite to create features such as bog gardens, rain gardens, natural swimming pools and/or wildlife ponds.
  • enlightened Avoid using artificial grass.  Whilst established natural lawns don't need irrigating, artificial turf does need to be washed with water to keep it looking good.

Click here to download water saving tips from the WaterWise Organisation 

lovely rain garden in a car park by M6 motorway services

Beautiful rain garden at a motorway service station on the M6 - photo credit to Holland Landscapes

Water Wise Landscaping Materials

As you’d expect, Arbour Landscape Solutions offers a vast collection of landscaping products to help you manage water on site.  And if you are physically working in waterlogged conditions, we even have a pump-hire service.

Here is just a small selection of products that you may find useful.

Drainage Channels 

Polystorm Crates 

Permeable Grouts 

Tree Watering Systems

Geotextiles and Pond Liners

Green Roofing Materials

SuDS Friendly Wildflower Turf

Bespoke water storage tanks - click here to enquire