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Keeping up to date with modern landscaping products

11/12/2019 - Services

The world of landscaping is a fast changing place. New products come in to the market place on an almost monthly basis, and your Landscape Industry Specialist makes it his business to bring them to you.
New products are added to my website on an almost daily basis. But how do you know which landscaping materials will suit your project best? And although the features, benefits and installation instructions are on the website, you are bound to have lots of questions.
To really keep up with industry innovations, why not take advantage of my FREE taster sessions. As an added bonus, you can build them into your CPD program.

What is a landscape materials taster session?

In short, I’ll come to you, bringing with me a whole raft of product samples. From decking to paving, to epoxy-resin jointing materials.

If a sample isn’t practical - for example my instant hedging range won’t fit into the boot of my car – then I’ll arrange for the next best thing – video & images.

For each product, I’ll give you a short introductory demonstration and then answer any questions you may have. It’s a very hands-on experience. Which in my view is far superior to looking at pictures on a website.

Why talk to Arbour Landscape Solutions about Modern Landscape Materials?

I like to think that as a landscaping materials supplier, I can offer the best of all worlds. My product range is not restricted to stone or soil or grouting materials – I offer all of those things and more. So, for example, if you have a project in mind and you want to see how those pavers look with that edging – I can bring along all of the relevant samples as well as some alternatives. That’s got to be easier than gathering samples from several suppliers.

Tailor your demonstration

Want to learn more about composite fencing or my solid wall system? Let me know and I’ll tailor the demonstration to your needs. This is a great training opportunity for your teams and can save hours of experimentation on site.
Interested in porcelain cladding but not sure how to sell the idea to clients? Again, let’s tailor the demonstration so that I can dispel all of your worries.

Invite your clients

If your clients are undecided about trying innovative new products, I am more than happy to bring samples out and talk them through the features and benefits. Remember, I am a qualified landscape consultant and as such, I’m more than happy to help you guide clients through the decision making process. Naturally, any talk of pricing will be between you and your customers.

ALS X-Tech porcelain cladding being installed on the John Lewis Roof Garden in Southampton. The Landscape Industry Specialist was proud to be invited to supply several different types of modern landscaping materials to this prestigious project and of course he was on hand 24/7 to offer technical advise as and when it was needed.

CPD Demonstrations

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a vital tool that helps keep landscaping, garden design and architecture alive. Keep up to date with the latest materials and installation methods with a CPD demonstration. Sessions can be arranged to fit in with your work schedule - mornings, afternoons, evenings, on site or at a venue of your choice.

Organising a demonstration from The Landscape Industry Specialist

Organising a demonstration of modern landscaping materials couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is phone or email me to get the ball rolling. Together we’ll decide on a date, a venue and the products that you most want to learn about. You provide the audience (maximum 10 people in one sitting). I’ll do the rest.

Contact Richard Bickler to organise a landscape materials taster session

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