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Sleek modern surface cladding in high quality porcelain.
These thin ceramic tiles are suitable for indoor or outdoor use and available in a range of colours and finishes.

Thin porcelain tiles are very widely used in residential construction on floors, walls, countertops, furniture and façades. ALS XTECH's versatility means it can be used to design single-material projects for those building plans seeking a minimalist effect on surfaces.

One of XTECH's advantages is its large size, which reduces the number of joints on floors and gives the space a feeling of continuity. This aesthetic is also highly functional: the reduced number of joints facilitates cleaning.

Furthermore, XTECH is also ideal for refurbishment projects as it can be installed directly on the existing surface, which translates into cost and time savings.

XTECH's wide colour range facilitates the colour and finishing selection process, adapting to different interior decoration and design styles. It provides a truly original feel to the private residences where it is used.
  • Contains recycled materials for mimimum environmental impact
  • A+ indoor air quality as the levels of hazardous substances released are well below the limits in the applicable guidelines
  • ISO 9001
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