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Arbour Landscape Solutions Joins Society Of Garden Designers

19/07/2022 - News

Richard and the team at Arbour Landscape Solutions are honoured to have been accepted as affiliate members of the SGD. As one of the UK’s fastest growing landscaping materials suppliers, Arbour Landscape Solutions are passionate about promoting responsible landscaping and look forward to working with SGD members to create sustainable outdoor spaces.

Sustainable Landscaping Starts With Design And Specification

Arbour Landscape Solutions believes that environmentally sustainable landscaping starts with careful design and materials selection. Our mission is to help garden designers to research and specify materials that not only give amazing aesthetic results, but also promote a lower carbon footprint, more sustainable sourcing, and, wherever possible, boost biodiversity net gain.  

We offer a number of services that are entirely free and easily accessible to garden designers and landscape architects who want to create sustainable outdoor spaces.

The Arbour Eco Range

View the Arbour Eco Range to choose from a vast range of landscaping materials that we believe are more environmentally friendly than some of the alternatives. Materials in this range fit into one of several critera.

  • UK sourced for minimal delivery distance.
  • Manufactured using recycled materials.
  • Reclaimed or repurposed.
  • Boost biodiversity.
  • Will not require chemical preservatives during its lifespan.
  • Can easily be recycled or repurposed at the end of it's working life.

Testimonial for Arbour Landscape Solutions from Jane Ashley Garden Design

Plant Sourcing Service

The SGD are keen to include more plants in garden design schemes and so is the Arbour Landscape Solutions team.  There are far too many plant species for us to load onto our online shop, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help you find what you are looking for.

Use the Upload My Materials Lists to see how prices compare as our team will build the online quotes for you Monday to Friday if you are too busy (another free service) to upload your planting list to our website and our team will do the rest.  We will source and price the plants you need from reputable UK nurseries, or from abroad if necessary. Thus saving you hours and hours of checking costs and availability.  Use My Bill of Quantities to price up any or all of you landscaping materials - it’s completely free, and because it’s online, it’s accessible 24/7.

Free Technical Advice

MD Richard Bickler is an experienced landscaper and garden designer. He fully understands how difficult it is to keep track of all the technical information associated with landscaping products.  If ever you, or the landscapers you are working with, need to clarify anything at all about materials you are specifying and installing - all you need to do is email or call the team.  Between us, the Arbour Landscape Solutions team have over 100 years of experience and we have innumerable contacts in the landscape industry.  In fact, together, we are a walking, talking library of information and we love to share our knowledge.

group of garden designers gathered at SGD cluster group meeting

Relaxed atmosphere following Richard Bickler's presentation to the Charnwood Cluster Group 


Is there anything that you, and other members of your SGD cluster group would like to know more about?  Why not book a CPD talk from Arbour Landscape Solutions?  Again, there is no charge, and so far, we’ve received a lot of positive feedback from the groups we’ve spoken to.  More on SGD cluster group meetings here.

Collaboration is Key to Good Garden Design

Along with the Society of Garden Designers, we believe that the relationship between garden designer, landscaper and supplier lies at the heart of a successful project. And at Arbour Landscape Solutions, we do our utmost to foster that relationship.

From excellent communication right through from concept to completion, we’re here to help you to achieve the best possible results with the least possible hassle.  Supplying samples, sourcing bespoke materials, offering on-site consultations, answering questions and ensuring that products arrive on time are all bound into the ethos of our company.  You can even set up a collaborative quote where designer and landscaper can work together to source and price up landscaping materials. 

Supporting Specifiers

Landscape architects and garden designers carry a huge responsibility to not only help improve their clients’ lives, but also to support the planet and ensure that the landscape industry does not exacerbate climate change.  Arbour Landscape Solutions exists to support you every step of the way.  Oh, and aside from helping you to source the materials you need - we can also help you to showcase your work via our case studies page and our social media platforms. 

Find out more about free marketing from Arbour Landscape Solutions here. 

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