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Promoting your Landscaping or Garden Design Business

01/12/2020 - Services

Landscapers and Garden Designers across the UK will know about Arbour Landscape Solutions one stop shop for landscaping supplies. But did you know that we also offer valuable marketing tools? Here’s how it works.

Arbour Landscape Solutions is best known for helping people to source landscaping materials with minimal hassle and at reasonable prices. But did you know that we also offer free help and advice? Not just technical advice for using our products – but help to promote your business too.

Compared to most of the “lifestyle” industry, the UK’s garden designers and landscapers are notoriously weak at promoting themselves. It’s understandable – after all, how can you find time to work on the tools and on marketing at the same time? Nevertheless, we do think it’s one of the reasons that client’s tend to undervalue our services.

Without marketing and promotion, it’s very difficult to maintain or grow your business. Four years ago, when MD Richard hung up his landscaping hat and started Arbour Landscape Solutions – there were literally no customers. No customers = no income. If it weren’t for the power of networking, word of mouth recommendations, social media, and digital marketing, who knows where we would be!

How Arbour Landscape Solutions can help to market your business

Everything that you do within your business contributes to your marketing. From signwriting on vehicles to logos on tee shirts to leaving a site clean and tidy. Likewise, every online mention of your business helps to raise awareness and to drive traffic to your website.

We’re talking here about search engine optimisation. It’s a huge subject – and we can’t do it all for you but we can help to boost your SEO efforts.

  • Create backlinks from our website to yours.

  • Showcase your work on our website.

  • Extend your social media reach with mentions and tags from Arbour Landscape Solutions.

  • Introductions to the people who help keep Arbour Landscape Solutions at the forefront of landscape supplies.

Keep reading to find out how each of the things in this list will boost your SEO – and how you can make the most of our free promotional tools.

Backlinks – lending your website authority

If you want your website to appear on the first page of the search listings, you need to make sure that the search engines “see” it as being more relevant than competitor sites.
Nobody knows for sure how search engines decide how to rank a website, but we do know that certain features seem to give it an advantage.  Freshly updated content, relevant keywords, fast loading speeds, mobile responsiveness, properly named images and backlinks all seem to be important.

What is a backlink?

A backlink is a link from another website to your site. Basically it’s an endorsement – if another website thinks yours is interesting enough to link to, search engines see that as kudos for your site. Trust us though, backlinks can be hard to come by.
The Arbour Landscapes Solution team have devised a way of creating backlinks from our website to yours whilst showcasing your work.

Take a look at our Case Studies page.   

Each of the articles on this page showcase our customers’ work AND offer a backlink to the landscape contractor and the garden designer involved in the project.

Want to see your work on the Arbour Landscape Solutions website – talk to us, MD Richard, or contact our digital marketing guru Angela Lambert, who will be very pleased to help.  PS don’t worry about your writing skills – chat to Angela about your project and ping over the pictures – she’ll do the rest.  Check out the links section at the end of this page for contact information.

Increase your social media reach

social media icons for promoting your landscaping business

If your website has links to your social media profiles, the search engines will take a peek at how busy your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin accounts are. The more activity on and around your profile, the more kudos your website earns with the search engines.

Much of our business has been built up through social media – we absolutely love it. But we can’t deny it can be time consuming. But guess what?! There is a way to share the workload.

When you tag Arbour Landscape Solutions in stories, posts and social media articles, we’ll share that post to all of our followers – instantly increasing your social media reach.

And there’s more…..send us your pictures and videos and we’ll post them to our social media platforms with tags to your company and (if appropriate) links to your website.  Simply send us snapshots of deliveries, your current work in progress, your new van, your finished work, your team, your Christmas tree – whatever it is you’re up to and we’ll spread the word on your behalf. It all helps showcase your company and (hopefully) boost your search engine rankings.

Useful links to help promote your landscaping or garden design business.

Here are a few links to help you get started with your business marketing.

Joining a trade association usually creates a great backlink for your organisation.

The APL has a great “find a landscaper” section to help potential customers discover your website

When you become a Perennial Partner, your company logo is displayed on their website along with a backlink to your website 

For a cost effective SEO and link building service, we highly recommend Upshot Media  

To add a case study to the Arbour Landscape Solutions website, Contact Angela Lambert 

To send us your photos for social media, contact Richard Bickler or Anna Roochove