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Our Top Five time saving tips for landscapers

23/10/2020 - Featured Products

Supporting our customers with time-saving tools and advice is what we are all about here at Arbour Landscape Solutions. 

With 30 years of experience in the Landscape Construction business, we understand the pressures of running a project and ensuring your supplies arrive in a timely and convenient fashion.  Our ethos is to help you every step of the way, the service is perfect for landscapers and garden designers.

So what are our 5 TOP time-saving tips for hard working landscapers?

Plant Hire

Hiring in tools and equipment to support your projects to deliver speedy results is number 1 in our Top Tips list.  Hire diggers, leaf blowers, shredders, mixers, rollers, generators, turf cutters – you name it you can hire it!  If you don’t see what you need we will source it for you.  We also sell an enormous amount of kit to keep you well equipped for your projects.  Hire before 1 pm and you will have your tools delivered to site for work the very next day!

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Grabo Vacum Grabber



We have all carried out work when faced with heavy awkward objects to move around, paving and stone features can be really heavy and tricky to move about and minimising injury whilst getting the job done is high on the landscapers agenda.  The Gabo Vacuum Grabber, saves your back and saves time, getting heavy objects into place rapidly whilst preventing potential injury.

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Free Advice

We pride ourselves on being at the end of the phone to help our customers live on site, if you have challenges which we can advise or assist with, we will.  The team of landscape specialists led by Richard Bickler will do everything we can to support your projects to completion.  This can be seriously time saving for you when faced with on-site challenges.

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Bespoke procurement for unique pieces

yorkstone trimmed brick built pizza oven

bespoke contemporary poolside waterfall feature

Sourcing products for unique projects can be hugely time consuming, this is where the Bespoke Procurement service comes in. If you are after sculpture, water-features, rare stone and specimen plants or trees we will do the leg work for you and find what you need.

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Solid Wall System

This innovative new construction product saves hours if not days on time on site to build retaining walls.  This awesome product allows you to build a retaining wall, a swimming pool or a water feature in a fraction of the time.

Simply assemble the tiles according to the instructions sent with your order confirmation. Shore them up thoroughly and pour concrete between the plates. Once the concrete has set, use liner, tiles, fibre glass or render to finish – yes it really is that simple!

solid wall system in use

swimming pool construction using solid wall system

Learn More About The Solid Wall System

We are here to help!  Register for your account today and remember all new customers receive 5% off your first order.  Existing customers receive regular offers on seasonal products and if you share your case studies with us we are always happy to promote your hard work!



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