XTech Outdoor Worktops

No bar area or outdoor cook space is complete without a stylish and hygienic outdoor worktop.

Outdoor worktops from Arbour Landscape Solutions are not just attractive, they’re practical too. Plus they are easy to install and available in standard or bespoke sizes. 

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Lets talk for a moment about outdoor worktops. For a chef or a bartender, these are surely one of the the most important parts of an outdoor kitchen or bar.  They need to be easy to clean, preferably stain resistant, heat resistant, tough enough to withstand accidental droppages and, of course, as they are outdoors, they need to be weatherproof too.  

We can’t recommend the XTech range of outdoor worktops highly enough. Let’s start with the styling.

Available in 6 colours - there’s something to suit every design from English country gardens to mediterranean style spaces.  Poolside bars to compact outdoor kitchens. And for those indoor-outdoor spaces, what could be better than matching worktops?

Practical Benefits Of Porcelain Outdoor Worktops

Carefully designed and manufactured with the appearance of natural stone or marble

  • Scratch resistant.
  • Stable colours - will not be faded by UV light.
  • Impermeable Surface, will not create conditions that encourage bacterial of fungal growth.
  • Will not react with chemical cleaners.
  • Highly heat resistant - rest your pans with confidence.
  • Bespoke profiling service available - let us cut and shape your outdoor worktops to save you time

Natural Stone Outdoor Worktops

If porcelain outdoor worktops don’t appeal to you, we can still help.  Talk to us about bespoke sourcing of granite, natural quartz, timber, resin or toughened glass worktops.  The team at Arbour Landscape Solutions are here to help you create your client’s outdoor leisure space, and if that involves finding unique landscaping materials, we applaud and support you.

Use these links to discover more about the bespoke landscaping materials sourced and supplied by Arbour Landscape Solutions, or email us to arrange a free consultation.