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Commercial Edging for Landscaping and Exterior Use

  • Lawn edging. Defining borders. Neat edge for driveways.
We truly believe our metal edging is the most superior on the market.  Ideal for those who desire commercial grade edging in their client's gardens.Developed and fabricated by our specialist factory in the UK for use in landscaping and civil engineering. 
Beautifully simple to install with cleverly hidden fixings for a seamless edge. Available in wider range of thicknesses and finishes, INCLUDING the very fashionable Cor-Ten steel. Can even be cut to specified lengths.

With regards to the appearance of Cor-ten and mild steel, Cor-ten will form a rust layer faster usually in around 3 weeks, mild steel will take longer typically around 6 months, once mild steel has rusted the two steel look practically identical.

The main advantage of Cor-ten is longevity, the rusted surface creates protective layer which slows further degradation. When it’s used as thin sheets such as cladding buildings this is important but used as thicker edging steel it’s really less of an issue as mild steel left untreated will still be looking good for at least 25 years.

Although Cor-ten has in the past been used as structural steel in bridges etc it has become very fashionable after it was used in high profile building projects and then picked up by some notable garden designers and.  

While it is a more expensive material than mild steel much of the additional cost is down to the fact it is only produced in large sheets and requires cutting down to provide the edging strips, this process also leaves a less forgiving cut edge. 

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