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Landscaping Quotes - The Easier Option

28/01/2020 - Services

Simple quoting tool to price landscaping supplies.

As a former landscaper I know just how time consuming and stressful it is to juggle clients, colleagues, suppliers, weather and family commitments. Back in the day, I dreamt of a simpler way to price up materials and inputs for a project quote. One that didn't rely on countless calls to suppliers and wasn't restricted to office opening hours.
As soon as the opportunity arose, I started working with a skilled developer to create an online tool that can be used at any time of the day or night, any day of the week and still give accurate prices on demand. No waiting for calls to be returned, and immediate answers - even at 2am!

That tool has finally come alive and I have to say - I'm rather pleased with it. Available 24/7.
  • Secure website. Works with smartphone, tablets, laptops and PC's.
  • Easy to use (If you can use amazon.co.uk you'll find this simple)
  • Assign products and prices to specific jobs.
  • No limit to the number of quotes you can create and save.
  • Accurate, up to date information.
  • VAT and delivery prices shown on quote - no nasty surprises.
  • Add and delete products easily.
  • Change quantities as many times as you need to.
  • Store quotes to work on later.
  • Turn quotes into orders with one click.

Check prices and build landscaping quotes anywhere.

We've all been there. It's the height of the season, you're under pressure to finish a project. Someone has called in sick and you need to finish quoting for your next job.
You want to check product specs and get prices but you can't phone right now and the suppliers are about to shut down for the weekend. Stress levels are rising and it feels like you won't be sleeping any time soon.

Stop.  Breathe & Remember The Landscape Industry Specialist is here to help..

The Arbour Landscape Solutions quoting tool resolves lots of those problems. Not least because it never closes. Wherever you are and whenever you get a few minutes to work on the quote, we're here to help.

Simply go online, log into your secure account, use our search tool to find what you need and add it to your quote. You don't need pen and paper, you can add as many products as you want and make your final choice later if you need to.  We're here to help if you prefer to talk to a real person  but otherwise we won't hassle you with any hard-sell tactics.

You can store and work on more than one project quote. Landscapers who have road-tested the system tell me that it's well thought out and that it achieves my aim of taking chaos and confusion out of quoting.

All the landscaping products you need - on one website

From the outset I planned to make arbourlandscapesolutions.co.uk into a one-stop-landscaping-shop. I'm confident that the site showcases a truly comprehensive product range. You'll find everything you need, from timber to turf, porcelain paving to portaloo hire, gravel to grout. And if you can't see exactly what you need on the site, simply email me and I'll help you source the right products.

When you build your quote you can get all of your prices from the same place. This tool will save you hours of internet surfing, checking catalogues and/or making phone calls. You'll be working smarter not harder.

There are no hidden costs on the Arbour Landscape Solutions quoting system.  You'll see any VAT and delivery charges up front right from the get-go. So no nasty surprises to eat into your margins.

Swap options to make the budget work better.

I hate that sinking feeling when all of a sudden your first choice of materials cost more than your client wants to pay for the whole job. On the Arbour Landscape Solutions quoting system its easy to play around with alternative products and different quantities. It's a great tool for garden designers and specifiers as well as for landscape contractors.

Save quotes online and access them wherever you are.

I'm an empty desk man. In other words, I don't work well when there are bits of paper and stacks of catalogues spread around my workspace.

That's why I designed this online quoting tool so that it's neat, orderly and doesn't generate reams of paper. All of the prices and quantities will be in one place and set out neatly and logically for you to see. There's even a space for you to make notes.

No need to carry papers or files around with you. Use a mobile device to log onto your account and tweak quotes any time, any place, anywhere.

Discounts and Savings

Much as I love the ease and convenience of a fully automated website, I'm very aware that it doesnt have the same flexibility as a real life person. (aka Me). That's why, when you create a quote online, I will be able to review the information from the back end of the website and see if there are any opportunities to offer an even better deal.

Don't worry - it's a secure site. Nobody else can see your choices or prices and your personal data is totally invisible. I definitely won't be sharing your information with anyone else.

As an example though, I may be able to offer extra discounts on larger orders, or point out products with a similar specification but a more favourable lead time. Of course not all quotes can be improved upon - the website is already competitively prices - but I aim to keep your costs down as much as possible.

Convert quotes to orders with just one click

This is the cleverest part of my online quoting system. You've done the research, found the products you need, calculated the quantities and added them all to a quote. Next you need to place the order.

With this system, you don't need to contact a whole host of suppliers to co-ordinate delivery dates and repeatedly tell folks where to bring your materials. All you have to do is press one button. The products will automatically be added to your shopping cart and where you can enter your payment details and any notes.
Once the payment has been recieved, a real person from ALS (either myself or the amazing Debs) will be in touch to confirm details. We talk to suppliers and hauliers while you get on with your work.

Coming Soon...........

At the time of writing (late January 2020), the website developers at Upshot Media are tweaking some code so that you will be able to print off a pdf version of each quote. If you follow Arbour Landscape Solutions on social media, we'll be able to let you know as soon as that facility goes live.

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