Adhesive and Grout Mixing Equipment

Save time and take the uncertainty out of mixing grouts and adhesives.

This selection of power tools is the answer to every landscaper and/or tiler's dream. Easy to use, good quality equipment to make your life easier. As recommended by my landscaping colleagues.

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It’s one of the most skilled jobs on any hard landscaping project. Getting the adhesive and/or grout mix just right. The consistency needs to be even, the components well mixed and the quantity just right. Too much and you end up throwing away valuable landscaping materials. Too little and you’ll have to mix a new batch.

The Adhesive Mixing Tools and Grout Mixing Equipment in this section of our landscaping supplies website has been specially selected to make your life easier. Browse the range to find Digital Mixers, 2 Bucket Mixers and everything you need to create perfectly combined Grouts, Mortars, Tile Adhesives and Render.

Our next best seller is the ever-popular Raimondi Digital Mixer. In our opinion, every landscaper should invest in at least one of these beauties. You have complete control over the mixing times – set the digital timer to anything from 1 – 90 minutes and you can be confident that your plaster, thin mix, adhesive, grout, or even concrete will be mixed to perfection.

Equipment Hire Service

Of course, investing in your own machinery might not be the right solution for you. That’s why Arbour Landscape Solutions offers a cost-effective Equipment Hire Service.
Had a breakdown? Need adhesive and grout mixing equipment in a hurry? Our hire service is fast and efficient. Get in touch before lunch and your tools could be on site by the next day.
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