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Rejuvenate Your Hard Landscaping

12/01/2021 - Case Studies and Inspiration

This year has seen an unprecedented demand by homeowners to develop their outside space but on our blog this week we look at how you can rejuvenate and reinvigorate your natural stone hard landscaping without needing to go to the cost of replacing your existing paving!

Our case studies will focus on what can be achieved with the products we offer at Arbour Landscape Solutions and details of our exciting new on-site cleaning service!

Project Focus - High-End Residential, London

Sawn Indian sandstone has become incredibly popular over the last 10 years in the landscaping industry and until the recent porcelain explosion was seen as the’ go to’ material for any new project. Aesthetically beautiful when new and with a lovely feel underfoot it does however require regular maintenance even when it has been pre-sealed due to its relatively high porosity.  Learn more about pre-sealers

Although the structural integrity of natural sandstone is generally sound when purchased from a reputable supplier you must always ensure that the material you choose is fit for purpose not just in terms of the climate it is set in but also to the amount of time an end client can or indeed will expect to spend on maintenance… most of the time as little as possible if at all!

The issue

This luxury apartment set within a converted historical building had a Beige Sawn Sandstone installed to work with the red brick construction along with a Portland Limestone used in the key features of the property. Although this material worked in terms of aesthetic it was suffering from a regular organic build-up despite jet washing being regularly attempted by the client.  More than often, when incorrectly used, jet washing will push the matter further into the surface, and although it will appear clean at first a week or two later the same issue will arise particularly in months when it is wet sunlight is poor!

If you have any questions about what material would suit your project best, please contact a trade professional or if you are looking for inspiration we can recommend garden designers that can help you achieve your dream exterior space! I'll add some useful links to the bottom of this post.

stained sandstone patio

dirty patio in need of cleaning

The solution

The area was cleared of debris and then the S-tech cleaner was applied. After leaving for a short period this was then agitated using an emulsifying pad (this time on a kleever scrubbing machine) which helped dislodge any inground matter whilst ensuring that no scratch damage was done to the surface of the stone. Once this has then been left to work the area can be assessed and then any heavily affected areas can have extra solution applied using the same method.

stone and masonry cleaner

stone cleaning service

The product used here is a 7.5 ph. solution that will not harm even the most sensitive of masonry and the fast-acting formula can be ‘boosted’ by the S-Tech booster depending on the application. This makes it ideal for material such as Indian Sandstone but also Ideal for historic preservation, historic buildings, monuments, sculptures, and other architectural surfaces.

Once the area had been thoroughly cleaned the area was washed down with a light jet wash and left to dry.


patio cleaning service

The result? Sparkling good as new paving and a happy client !! but moreover, a client that can utilise the products themselves if required. Or, better still, appoint a trade to offer a regular maintenance programme. Arbour Landscape Solutions are delighted to now offer this very service including site visitations and advice! We also have a wealth of stone care products and options available to order online.

Please contact us on [email protected] with your enquiry!

All companies with a registered trade account with Arbour Landscape Solutions receive additional discount on all on-site work projects and free consultation!

We look forward to receiving your valued enquirie

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