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Landscape Materials That Are Good For The Planet - The Arbour Eco Range

30/03/2021 - Featured Products

Landscaping is arguably one of the very best ways to improve the sustainability of outdoor spaces. But some landscaping materials are better than others. The Arbour Eco Range is a collection of products that we feel are kindest to the environment.

What's Special about the Arbour Eco Range?

Each and every product in the Arbour Eco Range has earned its green badge by offering some kind of advantage over its alternatives. MD Richard Bickler has a strict set of criteria and expects landscaping materials to meet at least one of the following conditions before they are considered for the collection.

  • Permeable surface that helps with sustainable drainage solutions.
  • Living plants and trees to help purify the air and create habitat for wildlife.
  • Sustainably sourced - ideally these products contribute more to communities and the environment than they take from them.  Eg create jobs or lead to more trees being planted.
  • Made from reclaimed or recycled materials.
  • UK sourced for minimal CO2 generated by transportation.
  • Holds recognised accreditation eg FSC.

How to spot products in the Arbour Eco Range

Every item in the Arbour Eco Range will have a green “eco logo” showing in the top right hand corner of the product image.

Product from the Arbour Eco Collection

Look out for these when you are browsing landscaping materials on the website. The Arbour Eco Range is identified by a green leaf logo at the top of the product image. A blue logo indicates the Arbour UK Made Range, whilst a purple logo means that the product fits the criteria of the Arbour Bespoke Range - ie it can be made to your exact specifications. 

Searching for Products in the Arbour Eco Range

As you would imagine, the website designers at Arbour Landscape Solutions have made it easy for you to find products within the Arbour Eco Collection. No matter what stage you are at in your search for landscaping materials, it couldn't be simpler to find what you need.

Browse the entire Arbour Eco Range

If you are keen to boost the environmental credentials of your landscaping project and want to see the entire Arbour Eco Range before you make your selection, you can see the entire range by viewing the website on a PC, hovering your mouse over the menu where it says “Arbour Collections” and then choose “Eco Collection”

how to find arbor eco collection

Using the Menu Bar to Narrow Down Your Product Search

The menu bar on the Arbour Landcape Solutions website, allows you to select from our four main categories, surfaces, build, grow or design details. When you click on one of the categories, You will be shown a list of sub-categories to help you narrow down your search. On a PC, you will also be given the option to filter products using any of the Arbour Collections

On a smartphone, you can select a sub-category and then use the filter box beneath the category description to narrow your search.

filtering landscaping products for environmental benefits

Searching within Product Categories

If you have navigated to a product category and want to refine your search even further, use the filters at the left hand side of your PC screen (top of a smartphone screen) to select for Arbour Collections, colour, size, material and/or price range.

product filters from arbour landscape solutions website

What’s in the Arbour Eco Range?

The Arbour Eco Range is far to extensive to describe in just one blog, so here’s a snapshot of some typical products from the collection.

Instant Hedging- UK grown and great for reducing pollution in urban areas whilst providing a home for wildlife.

Sawn Sandstone - quarried in the UK providing much needed employment in our own country as well as not having far to travel to reach your site.

Oak and Softwood Sleepers - from sustainably managed forests.

Polystorm crates - made with 90% recycled products.

Wildflower turf - For a positive impact on biodiversity. Also great in SUDS schemes.

Samples and pricing services

At Arbour Landscape Solutions we are keen to encourage garden designers and landscapers to use environmentally friendly landscaping materials wherever possible.

Free samples are available for many of the products in the range. These are in stock. Samples requested via the website will be despatched next working day. For bespoke or living products, please email the team to arrange samples.

If you are currently pricing a project but don’t have enough time to research the provenance of the products you need, use the Arbour Eco Range as a helpful tool.

Alternatively, make the most of “My Bill of Quantities” and ask our team to prioritise products from the Arbour Eco Range as they build your quote.  

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