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Confessions Of A Gardener Book Review

21/11/2023 - News

There’s a new book on the market and we’re absolutely loving it. Confessions Of A Gardener by Alan Sargent is a compilation of real life tales from his 50 year career. Some of the stories will make you laugh, some will make you wince and others will make you vow not to repeat that mistake, but one thing is sure, there’s not one story that will bore you.

The other great thing about this book is that every penny of profit will be donated to the gardener’s charity, Perennial to support them in their work. 


Alan Sargent

About The Author

For anyone who hasn’t yet encountered Alan Sargent, he’s a living legend. This man started his landscaping business in the 1960’s. He had no phone - not many people did at that time - there was no internet, and the palette of landscaping materials available to use was far smaller than it is now. Alan has designed and built numerous gardens, and has several Chelsea Medals beneath his belt. But for all of his knowledge and experience, he’s also a true gentleman who believes strongly in sharing information for the good of all.

Now in his seventies, Alan works as an Expert Witness and sees first hand the misery caused to all parties when landscaping goes wrong. His mission in life is to share information that can help avoid landscaping disasters and help landscapers and garden designers to build thriving businesses. He does this through an online publishing site dubbed “The Landscape Library”. In which experts in their field submit articles on every aspect of creating and maintaining beautiful gardens. Check it out - I’ll post a link at the bottom of this article.

Tell Me About Confessions Of A Gardener

Confessions Of A Gardener grew from a seed planted in Alan’s mind whilst delivering talks to gardening groups. He’s a great entertainer is our Alan and often has his audiences hooting with laughter. That makes him a popular choice of speaker for a great many events. Alan wanted to share his stories with a wider audience and so he’s written them down in a beautifully illustrated book.

Within the pages of this book are tales of characterful and eccentric clients, working abroad, building show gardens and Alan’s memories of his favourite ever garden. I’m not going to tell you which it was, you’ll have to buy the book to find out. But suffice to say that this particular garden made a celebrity cry.

Where To Buy Confessions Of A Gardener

I want to urge you to buy at least one copy of Confessions Of A Gardener, firstly because I know you’ll enjoy it. And secondly because you’ll be helping to raise money for Perennial, the gardener’s charity that helps so many of our industry colleagues in so many different ways.

Did you know for example that Perennial can help organise free physiotherapy sessions for landscapers in pain? Or that they help people in the landscape industry to upskill and advance their careers?

Visit the Perennial website to discover more. 

You can order Alan Sargent’s book direct from the author by clicking here.


Go to Perennial’s online shop where you can buy Confessions Of A Gardener as well as a whole host of fundraising gifts and homewares. 

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