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Have You Seen The Latest Addition To Our Range Of Porcelain Paving

16/05/2023 - News

Pietra Jura Grey is the latest porcelain paving to be added to the Arbour Landscape Solutions range of landscaping materials. And there’s good news about it’s eco-credentials, as Richard discovered on his latest visit to the manufacturers.

The whole team at Arbour Landscape Solutions are just as passionate about reducing the company’s impact on the environment as they are about helping to create amazing outdoor spaces. Which is why Richard likes to visit manufacturers in person in order to find out more about their working practices.

Whilst visiting a quarry, a factory or a nursery, Richard will make his own assessment of how well the staff are looked after and what measures are being taken to protect air quality and water courses. He also values independent evidence that a producer is doing their utmost to reduce the amount of fossil fuel used in their processes and to control emissions.

The manufacturers of Pietra Jura Grey porcelain paving are justifiably proud of their environmental track record.  Of course, it would be almost impossible to achieve zero carbon emissions from the creation of virtually any landscaping material.  However, these factory owners have embraced technology, consistently re-evaluated their processes and invested money in order to reduce their CO2 emission from energy usage by a whopping 6% in just one year.  And no - before you ask - that’s not the result of the dip in production caused by the COVID19 pandamemic.  

mixing machinery inside porcelain paving factory

conveyor belts and machinery in porcelain paving manufacturing process

An EPD Certified Product

Self builders, architects, landscape architects and planners will no doubt be aware of EPD’s and we’re proud to announce that Pietra Jura Grey is among the landscaping materials on our website that has an EPD associated with it.

EPD’s record the environmental impact of a product throughout its entire life cycle.  They are an accurate way to compare and contrast the long term credentials of building materials and take into account the manufacturing process, the expected lifespan and the ease of recycling.  

EPD’s add a new dimension to the procurement of landscaping materials. Particularly in commercial landscaping or in a property development that will be assessed for BREEAM compliance.

But enough about paperwork and assessments.  The outstanding feature of Pietra Jura Grey is its incredible good looks. Just as you’d expect from any good quality porcelain paving, it’s also durable, slip resistant, stain resistant, low maintenance and an excellent choice for modern gardens.

Take a look at these pictures and judge for yourself.

Pietra Jura Grey porcelain paving with dark grey striations

pietra jura grey porcelain paving with light grey grout