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Helping Landscaping Colleagues Through Hard Times

03/11/2020 - News

Arbour Landscape Solutions have pledged to raise money for Perennial through sales of lawn turf.

2020 has been a challenging year in many ways – and it’s not over yet! At the time of writing, we’re about to enter a second lockdown. I know from chatting to so many landscapers and garden designers that the first lockdown was stressful for all sorts of reasons. This time around we don’t have the luxury of balmy summer days to help support our mental health.

Here to help

Lockdown or no lockdown, I’m always here to lend an ear to anyone struggling, but there’s one organisation who can offer enormous amounts of practical help for anyone in our industry who is finding life difficult. Perennial is an amazing body of people who can help with debt management, mental health issues, training and career questions, legal advice and even Christmas gifts for families on impossibly low incomes.

I really want to support Perennial in their work and so this year, I have a few fundraising ideas up my sleeve. Starting with turf.

How does turf help Perennial?

Well, it’s simple. Natural lawn turf and wildflower turf are among the best sellers on our website. And so I’ve decided that all through November 2020, a percentage of the online revenue generated by sales of those products will be donated straight to Perennial. I don’t have a target, but the more we sell, the more we can donate.

fundraising offer for Perennial charity november 2020

This is purely an Arbour Landscape Solutions initiative. We’ve not put prices up to cover the cost, neither have we ask our growers or hauliers to reduce their margins.

Laying turf in November

November is a great time of year to lay lawn turf and/or wildflower turf.  The soil is still reasonably warm and if this week’s weather is anything to go by, there’s plenty of rain to help the roots establish. The joy of laying any type of turf in late autumn is that clients are not likely to be walking on it for the next 4-5 months. Which means of course, that the plants are left in peace to plough all of their energy into establishing a strong root system. Come spring, that beautifully established lawn will be ready to use.

Wildflower turf can be laid at any time of year, but experience tells me that autumn-laid wildflower turf will give a far better display in its first summer than spring laid turf. If you have chosen one of the varieties that have been designed to start blooming in early spring, autumn installation ensures that your clients will get the full benefit of those early flowers.

Remember too that it’s incredibly easy to underplant a wildflower meadow with spring bulbs whilst turfing – simply press the bulbs into prepared soil and then cover them with the wildflower turf. Genius.

Deferred Orders

If your project is not at the turfing stage yet but you want to help Perennial, the Arbour website allows you to select a delivery date when you place an order. You can order in November but receive your product when your site is ready.

How Can You Help Industry Colleagues?

There are lots of ways that you can help Perennial. Placing an order for turf or wildflower turf during November is possibly one of the easiest things you can do. Simply place your order in the usual way and pop the code ALSTURF at the checkout so that the computer can keep a tally of donations.

You could also visit the Perennial website to donate, take part in an event, or better still – organise your own fundraiser. Discover more here

For Turf Orders Under 300m2 Order Here & Help Raise Funds For Perennial. For Orders Over 300m2 Order Right Here.

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