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Futurescapes Photo Dump

28/11/2023 - News

Futurescapes 2023 was a massive adventure for the Arbour Landscape Solutions team. Our very first time exhibiting at such a large event and what a buzz! By the end of the show we all had sore feet, aching backs, hungry tummies and bulging appointment books. Would we do it again? You'll have to wait until next year to find out.

These are just some of the photos we took - did we manage to capture you?

full sized samples of pavers beside an elegant planter

Curtis Lawn and Landscape at Futurescapes 2023

Anna Roochove

outdoor table created from backed off yellow paddlestones

Richard, Gaby and Choe Bickler

visitors enjoying the Arbour Landscape Solutions stand at Futurescapes

landscapers chatting on show stand

David Stevens relaxing on a lounger

landscaper on lounger at Futurescapes

man with woolly hat relaxes on stylish lounger

smiling man laying on lounger at landscaping trade show

bearded man dressed in black laying on ergonomic garden lounger

Justin from Premier Paving

laughing landscaper on a lounger

lifestyle show stand with pergola and stylish seating

thumbs up from Curtis Lawn and Landscapes

group of men at Futurescape landscaping show

Richard Bickler with Luke Boam

male garden designer in a plaid shirt laying on a lounger beside a potted plant

landscaper relaxing on lounger with Anna Roochove and Andrew Barringer in the background

Richard Bickler crouched talking to someone whose head is obscured by a plant

place setting for Lee Ann Maritz at the Pro Landscaper Awards dinner

Lee Ann Maritz with the Curtis Lawn and Landscapes Crew

Richard Bickler with Rick Ford

Show stand before the visitors arrive

Richard Bickler, Rick Ford and Jason from Curtis Lawn and Landscape

Tom Hamilton winner of the Arbour Landscape Solutions show competition

thumbs up from the Arbour Landscape Solutions show team

Luke Boam on a lightweight concrete lounger he designed and made

landscaper on a lounger enjoying a soft drink

show stand visitors chatting together

welcoming visitors to the Arbour Landscape Solutions stand at Futurescape

busy landscaping show stand