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Tackling Price Rises And Materials Shortages

10/03/2022 - News

It’s little surprise that the current situation in Ukraine has impacted upon the supply of some landscaping materials.  In particular, we may see shortages of porcelain paving in the coming months and we need to prepare for price rises.

So, with worked booked in for the foreseeable future and jobs already designed and agreed, how do you protect your business against any knock on effects of these shortages?

  1. Dot the i’s and cross the t’s on your client contracts.
  2. Consider ordering materials in advance and storing them until your project begins.
  3. Be prepared to offer your client’s an alternative product.
  4. Think about tweaking the garden design to use fewer hard landscaping materials.
  5. Keep abreast of availability.

Getting It Right With Contracts And Quoting

Lots of landscapers have jobs in the pipeline that were quoted for and agreed before the Ukrainian crisis reared it’s ugly head.  Still more landscapers are preparing quotes right now.  

Unless you are willing to absorb the cost of any price rises, make sure your contracts are watertight.  

In a recent blog post, landscaping guru, Alan Sargent suggested some text that ought to be included in your contract with customers.  Click here to head on over to the blog to remind yourself of his advice. I’ll post the link at the bottom of this page too. 

Ordering Materials Before Shortages Become Severe

You could of course, consider ordering products in advance - before they either become hard to find or are affected by price rises.  Of course this may well mean that you have to store quantities of stone in your yard.  Arbour Landscape Solutions are able to delay delivery for up to 3 months but we don’t have any long term storage facilities.

Rest assured though, that we are investing in extra stock to try and help our customers through the crisis.

Ordering Alternatives

It’s worth encouraging your clients to keep an open mind about using alternative products.  Whilst porcelain paving supplies have been impacted by the Ukranian situation (the clay they are made from comes from Ukraine and the gas to power the kilns is largely from Russia), there is some beautiful Egyptian Limestone coming into the country.  Not forgetting of course that the UK also produces natural stone slabs and good quality clay pavers.

If you need suggestions for alternative samples, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Richard.  He will be able to advise on what’s available in your price range.

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Tweaking Your Garden Design

Can your garden design be tweaked to use fewer hard landscaping products? Certainly the environment will thank you for using more plants.  

Alternatively, Could the design be built in two or more phases? One now and one when the situation eases?

For advice on garden design tweaks, talk to Paul Baker of My Garden Design who will happily work with you to find a compromise that suits you, your client and the materials available to you at the time.

Keeping Abreast Of Materials Availability

Surprises can be incredibly stressful to project managers, and I think anybody would agree that it’s easier to find a way out of a difficult situation when you know exactly what options are open to you.

Our wonderful website developers are currently working on a new feature for the Arbour Landscape Solutions website whereby you will be able to see at a glance which pavers are in stock and available for delivery.  

As soon as the feature is ready, we’ll send out an email newsletter and post the news on social media.  If you don’t already receive our newsletter, please use the form below to sign up.  (Don’t worry, we won’t fill your inbox with spam - we’re too busy for that sort of malarky)

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Take look at our gorgeous Egyptian Limestone pavers and steps....a possible alternative to porcelain

For Alan Sargent’s advice on writing watertight contracts, click here.


Be happy that sourcing stone pavers is your main problem right now - too many people are worried about survival.  We're the lucky ones!