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Landscaping Talks For Students And Groups

15/06/2021 - Services

As lockdown starts to lift, the Arbour Landscape Solutions Team are getting out and about, and we’re available to share our expertise on a wide range of industry topics with groups of students, garden designers or landscapers.

If you have the unenviable task of organising guest speakers for your group, we’re here to help.

It’s not easy to find knowledgable speakers who are willing to give up their time to share their experiences for no fees. But the Arbour Landscape Solutions team are always happy to oblige. 

Our company ethos is all about finding ways to help develop the UK landscaping industry, be that through sourcing innovative products, promoting cutting edge design or teaching new entrants into the industry some of the tricks of the trade.

At the time of writing, our three favourite topics are
  1. The importance of the designer/landscaper relationship.
  2. Paving - best practice and product selection.
  3. Sourcing landscaping materials and specifying bespoke materials for projects.

Managing the designer/landscaper relationship

Landscapers need garden designers and garden designers need landscapers. Fact. However, in our experience, the very best projects are the ones where there’s a strong working relationship between the designer and the contractor.

This presentation is aimed at garden designers and garden design students but may also be interesting to landscapers.

One of our landscape industry specialists will draw on their experience and share tips to help you better understand
  • The role of the garden designer in the landscaping build.
  • How to choose the right landscaper to bring your project to life.
  • Project management and processes.
  • Communication tools to help you stay on top of your project.

Paving - best practice and product selection

partially completed patio with landscaping tools in the foreground

Good landscapers are hard to come by and anyone who is skilled at all aspects of laying paving will rarely be short of work.

In this presentation, our landscape industry specialists will be talking about and demonstrating paving best practice.  It’s aimed at landscaping students and anyone who wants to hone their hard landscaping skills.
  • How to lay porcelain paving.
  • Working with natural paving.
  • Laying setts and clay pavers.
  • Specifying and using grouts and sealants - which ones to use when.
  • Choosing the right tools for the job.

Sourcing landscaping materials and specifying bespoke materials for projects

Whether you are a garden designer specifying materials for a project or a landscaper sourcing materials, there’s a lot to think about. Our landscape industry specialists will talk you through the basics of ethical sourcing, budget management and time scales.
  • Eco-sourcing, checking materials provenance and thinking about sustainability
  • Bespoke landscaping materials - how to specify and source unique stone, structures, plants and planters
  • Supply chain issues - how to avoid them
  • Tools to help manage budgets AND save you time.

Your questions answered

Is there something that your group would like to know more about? Between us, the Arbour Landscape Solutions team have a wealth of industry knowledge and we are just bursting to share it.  

Got a question? Why not organise an event with one of our team as a speaker. Give us plenty of notice and we’ll prepare a presentation that will not only answer your questions, it will generate lots of discussion within the group.

Let’s talk!  You’ll find our contact details right here