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Meet Chris Rolston

21/11/2023 - News

We love finding out more about our clients and suppliers and this fellow is full of surprises. Meet Chris Rolston, owner of Rolston Landscapes and the hard working soul who helped us to build our exhibition stand at Futurescape 2023. Honestly, he's a joy to work with and we highly recommend his services.

Anna put a series of questions to Chris about his career and his favourite activities outside of work.

What Was Your Inspiration To Start Rolston Landscapes?

My training was in carpentry – however my work evolved into landscaping as I wanted to have the scope to be more creative and really create unique spaces.

I had a landscaping business in Australia which I moved to London to be closer to family.

What Do You Love About The Landscaping Industry

There is a huge variety of materials now available to landscapers – allowing you to create a new and different space for each and every project. There are endless opportunities to transform spaces.  The people in the industry are great, and largely it is an open and collaborative business to work in. 

What Is Your Favourite Project And Why?

I have 2, firstly a small garden in Putney which was small with multiple levels.  It was complex to build but it really hit the mark for the client and delivered the garden they wanted.

A recent garden project I have completed in Sweden – It was unique as I had complete freedom to create what I wanted – that very rarely happens!


outdoor seating area in a small garden with beautiful cedar fencing

craxy paving patio built using paddlestones pictured at dusk

Just Two Examples of Rolston Landscapes' Work

What Do You Do In Your Free Time? 

I have an early training as an artist and paint murals for street art.

What Is Your Favourite Drink And Salty Snack Combo To Enjoy In The Garden?

Beer and Biltong.

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