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Meet The Man Behind Our Bespoke Stone Profiling Service

30/01/2024 - News

We’d like to introduce you to Dan McLetchie. He’s one of our valued affiliates and he has a super power. Dan can turn pavers into design features.

You probably already know that Arbour Landscape Solutions offers a bespoke stone profiling service. In other words, if your garden build needs just that little extra touch of class, Dan can come along to wherever you are and set about smoothing and shaping the edges of pavers, coping stones, worktops, stone seats or whatever is is you’re making, just to give that feeling of opulence.

Dan is one of the best in the business and we’re proud to have him working with us, so here’s a chance for you to ‘meet’ the man who can take your work to the very next level.

Make yourself a cuppa, and enjoy this Q&A with the man himself.

beautiful stone paver with careful profiled edge

An example of Dan's work

How Did You Come To Be Working In The Landscape Industry?

I ended up working for a company local to me for some years after leaving the kitchen manufacturing industry. I applied for the job as I had never been in the landscape/construction industry before and it sounded interesting. I had a great feeling from the interview and as soon as I started I really enjoyed my work.

Where Did You Learn Your Trade?

Through the years working at my previous job I learnt a lot about shaping stone and porcelain as well as the fabrication side of things. After starting on my own I had to learn a lot myself by watching videos or tutorials as I thought it was going to be easier than I first thought. Also being thrown in the deep end on a couple of occasions really made me learn quickly and find other tools or equipment needed to make jobs easier or quicker, especially when on site as I only have limited time.

What Is Your Favourite Type Of Stone To Work With And Why?

Sandstone is lovely to work with as it's soft and easy to shape but also very unforgiving if things go wrong.

Least Favourite Stone And Why?

Granite as its very hard to work with due to the nature of it, so it takes a lot longer to cut and profile.

Tell Us About Your Most Unusual Commission

I can't really think of any unusual projects I've been on, but the best one to date personally was a large 10m curved step area. It consisted of 4 steps which were made from sandstone, and each coping was templated, cut and bullnosed on site for the client. It looked amazing when finished. 

light grey limestone paver with contoured corner for an elegant finish

Dan has smoothed the corner of this paver to give a softer, more elegant look

How Far Are You Willing To Travel For Your Work?

I'd travel anywhere in the UK for work, that's not a problem at all. This year I am trying to source work across Europe and try and work with some swimming pool contractors in Ireland, Spain, France, Belgium etc. As my USP is the onsite templating, cutting and profiling of porcelain and stone, over the years we have gained good equipment, tools and skills to complete this quickly, so hopefully we can go to some nice places abroad.

Do You Have A Minimum Order Size?

I do not have a minimum order size, I will take 1 tile to bullnose or 1 tile to cut down. If anyone needs a job no matter the size, I'm happy to do it.

Since Starting Your Business, Have You Noticed Any Changing Trends In The Type Of Garden Being Designed And Built?

I'm not really sure as a lot of it looks contemporary and I see alot of jobs going down now with artificial grass, I don't follow the trends too much.

How Do You Think The Landscape Industry Will Fare In The Next Five Years?

Again that's a tricky question. Personally I'm not too sure but I think there will always be something to learn or a new material/product coming in the industry that can hopefully help me grow the business and learn new things. Products will come in and out of fashion so to speak so with only being 2 years in I can only just keep an eye out for what materials are being used and how I can work with new people in the industry as well as existing clients and customers.

In Your Opinion, What Are The Biggest Challenges In The Landscape Industry At The Moment?

For me social media as there is a lot of bad information being shown which is affecting landscaping qualities and finishes on projects. I get a lot of referrals through other bad work practices. 

Who Is Your Landscaping Hero And Why?

I don't really have one, my favourite landscaper and account I follow is Adam Stewart from Utopia Landscapes. Such a lovely lad, great laugh and his work is fantastic.

What Do You Have For Lunch On A Typical Working Day?

I barely eat lunch but if I treat myself it's normally a bacon burger or steak baguette from the pub down the road from me.

Any Advice For Anyone Starting Out In Landscaping?

I always said to myself:

enlightenedDon't have a back up plan as then I'm already doubting myself.

enlightenedDon't chase the money because that comes and goes.

enlightenedSpeak politely and professionally to everyone.

enlightenedCare about what you're doing and your business.

enlightenedEnjoy it and be consistent.

The rest just falls into place.

Thankyou Dan sound advice there, and if you need to know more about Arbour Landscape Solutions' bespoke profiling service, Richard, Lee-Ann or Anna will be pleased to answer any of your questions.