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NEW! Money Saving Bundles

28/02/2023 - News

Would You Like To Save Money On Landscaping Materials?

Forever mindful that our customers need to reduce their costs without compromising quality, the Arbour Landscape Solutions team have introduced product bundles.  Bundles not only offer up to a whopping 10% discount on all of the materials within them, they save you time and they help to minimise the carbon footprint of your project.

What Are Bundles?

Bundles are packages of related products that are sold together at a preferable rate.  For example, your local supermarket might offer a pancake day deal on flour, eggs, milk and lemon juice bought together.  In our case, bundles consist of landscaping materials that are normally used together.

What is in a Bundle Of Landscaping Materials?

  • enlightened A typical bundle would include pavers, primer and grout.
  • enlightened  You choose the quantities of each product.
  • enlightened Depending on the product, you may also be able to choose sizes and/or colours.
  • enlightened Our website calculates the price based on up to a 10% discount across all of the products.
  • enlightened All products are shipped together, saving haulage costs and minimising environmental impact.
  • enlightened It’s convenient, it’s quick and it saves you money.

Bundle of landscaping materials including limestone pavers, pro prime slurry and grout

A typical product bundle.  Egyptian Sinai Pearl Beige Paving with slurry primer and Fugabella grout.  This bundle offers a discount of 10% on all products - which is a considerable saving.  Log in to your account to see bundles.

Which Products Qualify For Bundles?

At the time of writing we are still in the process of adding bundles to the website.  However, we’re very happy to talk to you about creating your own bundles.

To qualify, products must be in stock at our yard so that we can load and ship them all at the same time.

These are just some of the landscaping materials that currently offer bundle options - more are on the way.  Just type BUNDLE into the search box on the Arbour Landscape Solutions website for an up to date list.

Egyptian Meli Dark Grey Paving, bundled with Utrascape Pro Prime and Flowpoint Smooth Grout.
Pietra Jura Beige Porcelain Paving bundled with Ultrascape Pro Prime and Fugabella Color Cement.

Must I Buy All Of The Products In A Bundle?

No, if there’s something you don’t need, simply set the quantity to zero. To qualify as a bundle though, you must order at least two different products from the bundle option.

Can I Make My Own Bundle?

At the moment, our website is not set up for you to create custom bundles, although that is something our web developer is looking at.  However if you would like a price for a customised bundle, all you need to do is call or email Richard and he will help you to buy the products you need at the very best price.

How Do I Know Which Landscaping Materials Have Bundle Options?

Just type BUNDLE into the search box on the Arbour Landscape Solutions website and you’ll see the choices you have available to you.

Request A Bundle

Can’t find the bundle you need on our website? Please get in touch - if all of the products you need are stock items, we will happily build a bundle for you.

Log in to your Arbour Landscape Solutions account to see details of bundles.

Register for a trade account here.