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Problem Solving Services for Landscape Professionals

18/02/2020 - Services

As a landscape professional, you will be used to working with a large range of products in all kinds of different circumstances. You will also be familiar with those head scratching moments when you need some problem solving inspiration.
Never fear, your landscape industry specialist has a wealth of resources that you can draw on.

john lewis roof garden southampton

Complex landscaping projects like this roof garden in Southampton require a whole range of landscaping solutions. ALS can help lighten the load.

Business Management Solutions

Delve into the history of any successful landscaping business and you’ll find at least as many “lows” as “highs”.

Landscaping consultant Alan Sargent is a highly experienced landscaper and consultant and advises on pretty much every aspect of running a landscaping business. From recruiting, training and managing staff, to problem customers. There’s help with terms and conditions, advice on dealing with professional non-payers, and practical stuff like hiring subcontractors.

Alan’s website “The Landscape Library” is jam packed full of articles on every aspect of managing your business. It’s just about the best resource you can subscribe to. For only 27p* per day you can stay abreast of industry updates and search the library to find the answers to all of your questions.

The Landscape Library is constantly growing but if you can’t find a relevant article, simply email Alan and he’ll write one especially for you. For those tricky situations, Alan is a founder member of the Professional Gardeners Consultants Association and will be more than happy to help you find the best consultant to advise you.

Find out more and become a member of the landscape library 
*price correct at time of writing

Landscape Consultancy

Whatever you need help with, there is a landscape consultant out there to help. Check out the PGCA (Professional Gardeners Consultants Association) website for more details. This is where to look if you need an Independent Expert Witness or for specific advice on subjects such as wildflowers, garden design, natural stone, surveying or construction.

For all things material, our very own Richard Bickler is a member of the PGCA and available for consultation on sourcing landscaping products for specific needs.  

Contact Richard here


Technical Information

Most landscapers, landscape architects and garden designers have a good understanding of the products they use most frequently. However, every project has at least one product or situation that’s entirely new.

At Arbour Landscape Solutions we do everything possible to include the maximum amount of information with each product description. You need to know things like weight, dimensions, health and safety information, the best tools and fixings to use, how to store the product and how to maintain it.

You’ll find that data either in the product description text or as a downloadable pdf sheet. If it’s not clearly visible, all you need to do is call or email us and we’ll send the information straight to your inbox.
In addition to the onsite information, when you order landscaping products from Arbour Landscape Solutions, your confirmation email will have the relevant technical information sheets attached to it. Depending on the product, these may be “how to” guides, data sheets or specifications.

At any stage during the specification, quoting, ordering or installation processes, the Arbour Landscape Solutions Team are on hand to answer your questions and help you make the best choices for your project. We work in the early mornings, the evenings and at weekends – the same hours as you do – so that you’re not held up waiting for answers.

Contact the ALS Team

Choosing materials

Part of the extensive range of product samples available from Arbour Landscape Solutions

Before you build your beautifully designed garden you need to be 100% sure that all materials are aesthetically and technically compatible.

One of the services offered by Arbour Landscape Solutions is sample gathering. Rather than taking the time to talk to several suppliers and co-ordinate delivery of samples, simply get in touch with Richard. Tell him what’s needed and Richard will organise samples of the products on your wish list and of suitable alternatives. That way if your client rejects the original choice there’ll be no time wasted in finding a substitute product.

Coming soon on the ALS website is the ability to order samples with just one click of your mouse button ------ if that sounds heavenly, please sign up to our newsletter so that we can let you know when the service goes live. (signup form at the bottom of this page)


Help is at Hand

Whether you need help finding a sub-contractor, finding suitable machinery to buy or hire, sourcing products or deciding which materials to use, your Landscape Industry Specialist is here to help Richard has a wealth of industry knowledge and the Arbour Landscape Solutions network of contacts is enormous. Need help? Contact ALS and we’ll put you in touch with the right people.

Useful links for landscapers

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