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 Fuga‑Wash Eco Eco‑friendly detergent to be used as an additive in water used to clean Fugalite® Eco, Fugalite® Eco Invisibile, Fugalite® Bio and... [ Read more ]
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 Fuga‑Wash Eco
Eco‑friendly detergent to be used as an additive in water used to clean Fugalite® Eco, Fugalite® Eco Invisibile, Fugalite® Bio and Fugalite® Bio Parquet, ideal for use in GreenBuilding.

Fuga‑Wash Eco, when used as an additive in cleaning water, has a specific detergent action that does not damage ceramic tile, porcelain tile and natural stone surfaces.

  • Facilitates cleaning of covering materials.
  • Keeps the sponge cleaner.
  • Suitable for all surfaces.
  • 1.5 litre bottles.
  • 100-200m2 per litre depending on area to be cleaned.
  • Normally available within 1 - 3 working days.
  • Always read instructions carefully before using & always test first on a sample or inconspicuous area.
How to use

Preparation of substrates

The coating materials must first be cleaned to remove any dust. Fugalite® Eco, Fugalite® Eco Invisibile, Fugalite® Bio and Fugalite® Bio Parquet must still be fresh.


Fuga-Wash Eco is a ready-to-use transparent fluid that can be diluted with water in any ratio. Shake the bottle well before opening in order to redisperse the liquid evenly. Pour one measuring cap (approx. 50 ml) for every 5 litres of water in the cleaning tray.


Begin cleaning the tilework when the grout is still fresh. On completion, pour Fuga-Wash Eco into the cleaning tray in the quantities indicated, then clean up the surface using a thick, large-sized damp sponge, preferably made of cellulose, to avoid removing grout from the joints. Use circular movements to soften the film of grout on the tiles and finish cleaning the joint surface. Specific high-dispersion polymers ensure all grout residues are removed using only a small amount of water. The use of an excessive amount of water when cleaning would impair the final chemical resistances. Rinse frequently and make sure clean water is used at all times, using appropriate trays and grills with cleaning rollers. If necessary, replace the sponge or felt cleaning pad when saturated with grout. Final cleaning should be done, by sponge applied in a diagonal directions to avoid material coming out from the joints. Wipe the cleaned surface again with a dry cloth to make sure it is completely clean and there are no streaks of resin remaining.


Residues of Fuga-Wash Eco can be cleaned from tools by rinsing them thor8.95oughly. 

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