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Arbour Landscape Solutions Becomes BALI Accredited Supplier

04/05/2021 - News

Richard and the team at Arbour Landscape Solutions are thrilled to announce that our Landscape Supplies business has passed the inspection and been accepted as a BALI Accredited Supplier.

BALI membership is another way of demonstrating our dedication to the landscape industry and we feel that it’s a great way to support the activities of this excellent organisation.


Richard is not the only team member who has long admired the work that BALI does. Craig, Debs, Anna and Angela have all enjoyed BALI events in the past, and, learned a lot from them. Not only does the organisation aim to to raise standards across the UK landscape industry, they support landscapers, garden designers and suppliers in a myriad of ways. 

By joining BALI, Richard and the team are confident that Arbour Landscape Solutions' membership fee will help fund valuable behind-the-scenes work that has an immense impact on the future of our industry

  • Research 
  • Legal Support
  • Information Sharing
  • Parliamentary Lobbying

As an ex-landscaper, our MD Richard knows only too well the frustration of having business affected by external factors that as an individual, he could do nothing about. BALI takes the collective voice and aims to find long term solutions for the problems we all face. Most recently of course, the COVID crisis forced landscapers to reconsider safe working practice. But in the past, BALI have lobbied parliament on subjects such as hose pipe bans, Brexit and plant security. All huge subjects that no individual would be able to tackle alone.

Richard Bickler from Arbour Landscape Solutions

Support for BALI Regions

If there’s one thing that Richard Bickler enjoys more than anything in the world - it’s talking to garden designers and landscapers. As a “retired” landscaper and member of the Professional Garden Consultants Association , Richard is has a wide range of experience to draw on and is very comfortable speaking on almost any subject.

Craig Potter is our resident hard landscaping expert and is looking forward to networking with BALI members all over the UK. But particularly with landscapers and garden designers from the South of England where Craig is busy developing a  stock holding yard for Arbour Landscape Solutions.

Anna (marketing) and Angela (website content) are both East Anglian 'gals' who are ideally placed for supporting regional networking events.

Need a speaker for your regional meeting? Arbour Landscape Solutions will be very happy to help. You can be assured of an amusing and informative talk from this fountain of landscaping knowledge.

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The team at Arbour Landscape Solutions are really looking forward to meeting BALI members online, on the phone, and at events across the country. And if there’s anything we can help you with - please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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