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Happy Third Birthday To Us

14/06/2022 - News

On 17th June 2022, Arbour Landscape Solutions celebrates its third birthday.  That’s 3 years of supplying all manner of landscaping materials to landscapers and garden designers all over the UK.  

But don’t be fooled into thinking that 3 years is not very long.  Between us, the team here at Arbour Landscape Solutions have over 100 years worth of industry experience.

So we thought it would be a good time to show you some of the faces behind the services we offer.

Richard and Gaby Bickler


Richard and Gaby Bickler, Directors of Arbour Landscape Solutions

Richard and Gaby Bickler

I’m sure that you will have encountered the name Richard Bickler at some point during your career - quite possibly more than once.  

Richard heads up our busy team and in between negotiating deals for best landscaping products at the best prices, he gets involved with sourcing bespoke materials, answering technical questions, offering CPD and training presentations, talking at SGD cluster meetings AND visiting landscaping projects to find out first hand how he can support industry colleagues.

Having worked as a landscaper and garden designer for over 30 years before a bad back forced him to hang up his high vis, Richard is well versed in landscaping techniques and has the sort of brain that can easily figure out solutions for almost any kind of conundrum.  And if he doesn’t know the answer to a question - it won’t take him long to find someone who does.  Which is why he named the business Arbour Landscape Solutions.

That old saying ‘behind every great man is a great woman’ was written about Gaby.  Richard’s wife might not be as chatty as he is, but this lady is pivotal to the success of the business.  Her role is ‘admin and anything else that needs doing’ and let’s face it, no organisation can run efficiently without a tip top record keeper.  Between you and me - Gaby is the one who keeps Richard from burning out.  Her support is second to none, we all think she’s great.

Debs Addison

portrait of Debs Addison from Arbour Landscape Solutions

Debs Addison

Debs has got one of the biggest brains in the business.  She’s the one that organises deliveries and makes sure that your landscaping materials arrive in the right place at the right time.  That means keeping track of several deliveries at once, getting regular updates on orders and keeping you informed so that you can organise your day. When she's not on the phone to hauliers, it's Debs' job to update prices and stock levels on the website -  so that you can be confident that you are seeing up to date information whenever you log in to your Arbour Landscape Solutions account.

Outside of working hours Debs is most likely to be outdoors with her trusty companion Wilfred the Boxer Dog.  She's a very accomplished wildlife gardener and especially enjoys photographing the vast array of winged visitors to her plot.

Anna Roochove

Anna first came to the landscaping industry in 2004 and over time has developed a unique set of skills. With a penchant for design and a way with people, Anna is a freelance marketer with a passion for helping businesses to build great reputations and become more visible.  

If ever you have a project to promote via Arbour Landscape Solutions’ website and social media, It’s Anna who will guide you through the process and makes sure that your work is represented in the right way.

Organising an event and would like Richard to speak at it?  Anna will make sure that he’s there on time with a fabulous presentation for your guests - she’ll even help you to promote the event if you’d like her to.

Anna Roochove and Angela Lambert together at the Futurescape Show

Anna Roochove and Angela Lambert at Futurescape

Angela Lambert

Also known as “Lady Lawn” or “Mrs L”,  Angela is a freelance copywriter who has been working with Richard since - ooooh - I don’t know how long!  Before freelance work, she looked after marketing and promotion for a well known, Norfolk based turf grower and has over 20 years experience of selling green roofing, wildflower matting and grass.  She’s not one for promoting herself though and prefers to beaver away in the background trying to make the Arbour Landscape Solutions website work as efficiently as possible.  

When she’s not at her desk, Angela is most likely to be on Granny duty, tending her bees, walking the dogs or roaring around the countryside in her sports car, which she’s aptly named “The Growler”.

More team members

We couldn’t introduce you to our team without mentioning Stuart Reed and Jason Goodyer from Upshot Media.  What a pair of legends!  

The Arbour Landscape Solutions website has a lot of bespoke tools on it which are designed to make landscaper’s lives much easier (My Bill Of Quantities, Personalised Quotes, Multi-user features, etc). Those tools have come straight out of Richard’s imagination, there is nothing on the market that will do what they do.   Jason and Stuart have interpreted Richard’s brief and used sophisticated programming techniques to turn his ideas into user-friendly features.  Don’t believe me? Try My Bill of Quantities for yourself.  https://www.arbourlandscapesolutions.co.uk/blog-post/speed-up-landscaping-quotes/

Then there’s our IT and software developer, Roman.  He’s the one who, amongst other things makes sure that our accounting software talks to our website and that email communications work seamlessly. He’s always calm and never fails to fix any system glitches as soon as they appear.  

That’s Us - How Can We Help You?

So there we are, we’re a small but tightly knit team.  Friends as well as colleagues.  And that’s how we not only keep costs down (so that we can pass the savings on to our customers) but how we can keep the emphasis on customer service.  Our left hand always knows what the right hand is doing. 

Our mission here is to supply you with the materials, services and the technical support you need to create beautiful gardens that make people smile.

Here are some of the ways that we can help.

Buy now and pay later with our credit account facility 

Promote your work with an online case study.

Ditch some of your paperwork and speed up the quoting process.

CPD presentations and cluster group talks.