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Coping With A Temporary Shortage Of Landscaping Materials

04/06/2021 - Services

Sourcing landscaping materials is becoming more and more challenging, but the team at Arbour Landscape Solutions have some tips on managing your own supply chain until the situation eases.

  • Sourcing UK made products.
  • Finding substitute products.
  • Use our quoting tools for stress-free procurement.
  • Place orders well in advance of when you’ll need them.
  • Free up your time by using a sourcing service.
  • Investigate multi-buy discounts.

Sourcing landscaping materials from the UK

Along with most other industries, we’re experiencing delays on bringing materials into the country.  Not only is that creating a stock deficit, transport costs have gone up too, which means that prices are affected.

UK growers, stonemasons, fabricators and soil merchants produce some of the best quality landscaping materials in the world. The Arbour Landscape Solutions team have grouped these together on our website in the Arbour UK Made Collection.  

Click on the Collections tab on the home page to discover beautiful lighting, sturdy blocks and bricks, grouts, metal edging, Corten fencing panels and sheets, green roofing supplies, soils, aggregates, tree anchors and much much more.

View the Arbour UK Made Collection Here


where to find the arbour collections tab on the arbour landscape solutions  website

Consider near-match substitute products

When one product is out of stock but you need it now, the team at Arbour Landscape Solutions will help you to find a near-match substitute that won’t compromise your design or your budget.  As far as we’re concerned, our time is your time. So please don’t hesitate to ask Richard and the crew to help find a suitable alternative - one that is available within your time frame.

At the time of writing, our stock holding has stores of porcelain paving and natural stone as well as pointing and grouting materials. 
Visit the porcelain section on our website

Let us know what products you use on a regular basis - we'll order some in so that they’re readily available when you need them.

metal shelving stacked with samples of paving materials

We have no shortage of free samples to help you evaluate subsititue landscaping materials

Use our quoting tools for stress-free procurement

I’m writing this in early summer in one of the busiest years our industry has ever had the privilege to experience. But I’ve noticed that instead of feeling buoyant, most of our landscaper clients are exhausted and verging on depression.  There’s too much work, clients are getting frustrated about  being on waiting lists and pressure is mounting on a daily basis.

To ease your workload, we’ve asked our website developers, Upshot Media, to create a range of quoting tools that will release you from your desk and let you get on with managing your business.  

If you’ve not tried “My Bill Of Quantities” yet, you really should give it a go. Our 6 step quoting and ordering tool takes MINUTES to implement, and could save you hours of emailing suppliers and trawling through price lists.  It couldn’t be simpler.  

This is a FREE SERVICE - it's like having a virtual admin assistant who never needs paying!

  1. Register as a trade customer on the Arbour Landscape Solutions website (takes 2 minutes)

  2. Login to your dashboard (10 seconds)

  3. Locate the My Bill of Quantities tab and click on it (5 seconds)

  4. Upload your bill of quantities as an excel spreadsheet, a pdf, word document, or design document (60 seconds maximum)

  5. Our team will start work the very next working day - the completed price schedule will be with you in 2 working days maximum.

  6. Your pricing schedule will be in the form of a quote - when you are ready to order, simple open up the quote and press the buy now button.

More about the FREE "My Bill of Quantities" service

Order in advance to mitigate delays.

It’s not easy, when you are fire-fighting to think ahead. But by using the services of the Arbour Landscape Solutions team, you’ll be able to free up some thinking space to order in advance.

If your products regularly include bespoke elements, you’ll be used to ordering in advance. But what about all of those products you use on an almost daily basis? Cement, aggregates, metal edging etc.

Let us know what you need on a regular basis and we’ll add some to our stock holding.  OR order in your own supply, taking advantage of our discounts for large orders.  If we have the space, we’re happy to store them on your behalf.  Call today to discuss your options.

Things to do right now.

Register as a trade customer on the Arbour Landscape Solutions website

Upload your list of requirements to My Bill of Quantities.

Browse our range of UK sourced products 

Check out the porcelain paving available now for speedy delivery

Order samples (log in, go to your preferred product and click the sample button - no limit on quantity)

Arrange a meeting to discuss alternative products with one of our landscape industry specialists

Follow Arbour Landscape Solutions on social media to keep you up to date with products that are in stock and available now for delivery to your site.