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How To Work Smarter Not Harder In The Landscape Industry

13/03/2019 - News

 The UK landscape industry is buoyant at the moment, so much so that landscapers find themselves working long hours to keep up with the workload. Arbour Landscape Solutions has some suggestions for working smarter, not harder.

Producing high quality landscapes takes time, skill and the very best products. It also needs project management skills, occasional diplomacy and a knowledge of the latest innovations to help you overcome obstacles.

Landscape Industry Specialist Richard Bickler knows better than most how much behind-the-scenes work goes into completing a job on time and on budget. Richard has built a number of high-end gardens in his landscaping career and understands the value of delegating some tasks in order to concentrate on what landscapers do best – the landscaping.


How many hours have you spent poring over garden design plans and contacting suppliers to get prices so that you can quote for the job?

Arbour Landscape Solutions have all the information at their fingertips. We supply natural stone, porcelain pavers, decking boards, turf, plants, drain covers, soils, seeds, pointing materials and so much more. In fact, we’re a one stop shop. All you have to do is hand us your “shopping list” and we’ll come back to you with our best prices. We can even organise a garden designer to help get your clients’ ideas mapped out.

With someone else to do all the research for you, you will have time to concentrate on your customers.

Materials Sourcing

No matter how bespoke your landscaping products need to be, Arbour Landscape Solutions can help.
  • Need some reclaimed stone setts in a particular colour? No problem.
  • Metal structures? We can do that.
  • Specialised seed mix for a wildflower meadow? Certainly.
  • High end lighting fittings – we know exactly what you need and where to find them.
  • Trees and plants – easy – we’ll even travel to the nursery to inspect stock and select the perfect plants for you.
The thing about buying products on behalf of so many landscapers is that suppliers get to know us and offer better prices and services. …those benefits are passed on to our customers so that everyone is a winner.


One of the most frustrating part of project management is getting materials to site on time and in the right order. Arbour Landscape Solutions work with you to make that happen. That means that you needn’t be chasing up suppliers and lorries while you are on the digger recontouring a site. We talk to the suppliers and we let you know when to expect deliveries.

The whole ethos of Arbour is to help you create your best work with as little pain as possible. Your clients will be delighted, you’ll be less stressed and your company will earn itself great reviews.

Innovative Solutions

The world is finally waking up to the landscape industry and there are some fabulous new innovations coming on line to help contractors work smarter.

A particular favourite of mine is this range of pointing and grouting products. They’re resin based which means that they can be used in almost all weathers. Perfect for the UK climate. Rain need never prevent you from finishing those paving jobs on time. Plus, GTFK can be applied standing up – much easier on the knees!

Pointing materials

How to work smarter not harder

  • Decide what you are good at and concentrate your efforts there
  • Ensure your team is trained in a wide skills set
  • Delegate time consuming office tasks to someone who understands your industry and knows where to find best value
  • Arbour Landscape Solutions are here to make your working life easier. For technical advice, material sourcing and, should you need it, consultancy, contact Richard on 0208 953 6177

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