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Hire Or Buy. How Renting Landscaping Equipment Could Save You A Packet

18/04/2023 - Services

In times of financial uncertainty, business decisions become a wee bit more tricky.  Borrowing money to upgrade equipment is a case in point.  Interest rates are not looking too pretty at the moment. At the same time, for some landscapers, the type of project on offer has changed. Meaning that there will inevitably be a tighter margin between what you pay for a machine (buying price + loan interest) and how much it earns you in return.  Remember too, that those machines will also need to be stored, maintained, insured and transported to and from jobs. For some items of equipment, It’s actually more cost effective to hire a machine as and when you need it, than it is to make the investment to buy your own. 

With frequently used, less costly items such as table saws, grout cleaners and power tools, you can be reasonably sure they’ll earn their keep.  After all, there are not many jobs where you won’t be needing their services. The only time you may need to hire smaller pieces of equipment is if something breaks and you need a replacement super-fast, or if  you'll probably not use the equipment more than once or twice a year.

For larger or more specialised machines - excavators, chipper shredders, scissor lifts and hydraulic post hole borers, it makes more sense to hire than to buy.

Machinery Hire For Self Builders

Whilst landscapers will expect to spread machinery costs over several projects, self builders may only need a piece of equipment for a matter of days.  Why go to all the trouble and expense of researching, buying and selling landscaping equipment, if you can hire it instead?

When you hire landscaping equipment from Arbour Landscape Solutions we will seek out the best prices for you, deliver the machinery to site and collect it again once you’ve finished with it.  Our experts can even advise you on the the best machines for your project and where to buy consumables such as Diamond blades and core drill bits.

blue diesel powered generator

1.5 tonne excavator for hire

blue portaloo for hire from Arbour Landscape Solutions

Just three examples of the landscaping machinery and equipment available to hire from Arbour Landscape Solutions


Some Of The Benefits Of Renting Landscaping Equipment

  • yes Cost savings: Hiring landscaping machinery can save you money in the long run. If you only need the equipment for a short period of time, it's more cost-effective to rent it instead of buying it.  
  • yes  Flexibility: Hiring landscaping machinery gives you the flexibility to use it when you need it and return it when you're done. This can be helpful if you have a sudden need for equipment or if you only need it for a specific project.
  • yes  Less maintenance: Hiring landscaping machinery means that you don't have to worry about servicing it. The equipment rental company will take care of all of that for you. Although, you will of course be expected to return the machine in good order.
  • yes  Less storage: Hiring landscaping machinery means that you don't have to worry about storing it between projects. The equipment rental company will take care of that for you as well. And in turn, that means you could spend less on hiring and securing a yard or lock-up.
  • yes  Try before you buy: Not sure if a particular machine will be right for your business? Renting it can be a way to try it out before you commit to buying it.

If you're looking for a cost-effective and flexible way to get the landscaping machinery you need, hiring is a great option. 

Hiring Landscaping Machinery From Arbour Landscape Solutions

Arbour Landscape Solutions offers a cost effective machinery hire service for landscapers, property developers and self builders. The service is available across the UK and it couldn’t be easier to access. To keep costs down and to be as eco-friendly as possible, we work with network of hiring hubs so that the machinery and equipment you are hiring doesn't have to travel far to get to you.

Start by browsing our website to see what’s available. There’s a comprehensive range of landscaping equipment for hire. Everything from excavators and dumper trucks to cement mixers, chainsaws and turf cutters. Of course, if you can’t see what you need, don’t be shy - get in touch and our team will do their utmost to source the machine that you need.

Any machinery hire costs shown on our website are a guide price. Once we know what you need and where you need it, we’ll come back to you with a firm quote that will include delivery and collection. As a rule of thumb, expect hire tools to be on site within 2 working days of your order being confirmed, but as you know, we aim to be as helpful as possible.  If we can get your machine to you quicker, we’ll definitely do it.

Make Your Money Work Harder For You

In these times of economic uncertainty, it pays to look carefully at all of your outgoings. The team at Arbour Landscape Solutions are here to help you get best value from everything you buy.  Talk to us about our machinery hire service - you’ll be surprised at the difference it can make to your profit margins.

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