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New Grout Calculator Added To Landscaping Supplies Website

12/12/2023 - News

Forget Maths, Our Website Calculates Grout Requirements For You

New on the Arbour Landscape Solutions website is a helpful calculator which calculates the amount of grout you’ll need on a project based on the quantity of pavers you have specified.

You have to agree, it’s enough of a faff to select the right type and colour of grout for a paving project without having to figure out product quantities. But as usual, The Arbour Landscape Solutions team have got your back.

We’ve asked the clever website developers at Upshot Media to build us a grout calculator so that when you enter the the quantity of paving you’d like, our website will let you know how many packs of grout you’ll need for installation. And as usual, they've come up trumps with a user-friendly online tool that instantly gives you the information you need.

For example.

If you were to decide that our Old Sinai Pearl Grey Limestone Paving would be just the job for your client’s new patio. You could sign in to your Arbour Landscape Solutions account, select the product and enter the quantity required - in other words the number of square metres you want to cover.

Immediately, you’ll see that this product is available as part of a bundle and that you can save 5% on the price of your products if you order slurry primer and grout at the same time. You can also, if you wish, collect your products from our yard in Leighton Buzzard and save on haulage costs.

When something is part of a bundle, our calculator will show you how much of each product you will need to install your specified quantity of paving.

In this example, I’ve asked for 20 square metres of Egyptian Sinai Park Grey Limestone and I can see straight away that I need 2 bags of Ultrascape Pro Prime and 2 bags of Flowpoint Smooth Grout. All I need to do is check the boxes beside the products I need and then select either “Add to Basket” or “Add to Quote” depending on whether or not I’m ready to buy.

screenshot from the Arbour Landscape Solutions website

At the time of writing, the calculator is only available on a limited number of products as we’re still in the process of rolling it out across the entire website. But please do take a look and send us your feedback. We’d love to know if there’s any way we can make it better for you.

Please note - you need to be logged into your account in order to use the grout calculator