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Ideas For Using Porcelain Cladding For Garden Walls

05/03/2024 - Case Studies and Inspiration

Have you ever considered using porcelain cladding for garden walls? Several of our customers have had great success with the material and we’d love it if their ideas could inspire you to do something similar.

What Is Porcelain Cladding?

Porcelain cladding is simply a lighter more slimline version of the porcelain pavers you would use on a patio. The tiles are a mere 5mm thick which means that they are more suitable for vertical use.

Why Use Porcelain Cladding?

It’s a quick, easy and very stylish way to upgrade the look and feel of a garden wall. When doing a garden makeover, walls can be built with basic materials and then transformed by applying porcelain cladding. 

The cladding itself is weather proof, durable, stain resistant and washable, meaning that it is an incredibly versatile design feature. In addition, you can use porcelain cladding for garden walls and for interior walls giving you the opportunity to create a cohesive look for your indoor-outdoor living area.

Is Porcelain Cladding Available In Different Colours?

At Arbour Landscape Solutions we have 17 different colour ways in our standard range of XTech porcelain cladding. We also offer a bespoke sourcing service where we do the legwork to find the exact colour and pattern that you need for your garden design.

Without further ado, let's take a look at some ideas for using porcelain cladding for garden walls.

modern garden using porcelain cladding for garden walls on raised beds

A serene garden in Billericay created by The Essex Garden Co. This garden features porcelain cladding on dual purpose raised beds. These beds provide planting space and built-in seating.
Read the full case study here 

low garden walls covered with dark coloured porcelain cladding make an elegant water feature

Low walls clad with dark coloured porcelain cladding make for an elegant water feature. We especially love the contrast between the texture of the cladding and the adjacent paddlestone wall. See how the planting 'pops' against the shiny black tiles. This garden was built by West Midlands Landscaping.


See more pictures and read the case study here.

porcelain cladding for a garden boundary wall

Contemporary garden for a new build property in Leeds. The team at Landscape One Design have used porcelain cladding to hide the neighbouring property and to accentuate the clean, precise lines of the sunny patio. Note how the corten coloured cladding matches the edgings to give a cohesive colour palette.


See more pictures in the case study.


raised planter with porcelain cladding in cool steel colourway

This built in planter made us gasp when we first saw it. Just look at the way that Cool Steel porcelain cladding turns an ordinary feature into a work of art. We love the way it tones with the limestone setts and how the contrast between the dark colour and the green makes the lawn and the plants 'pop'. All kudos goes to Woods Landscaping for this magnificent garden.  See more pictures and learn about the landscapers in the full case study.

Where To Buy Porcelain Cladding For Garden Walls

Ordering porcelain cladding for garden walls is as simple as can be when you buy from Arbour Landscape Solutions.

First, browse the range and narrow down your colour choices. If you are registered as a trade user on the Arbour Landscape Solutions website, you can build and save a quote with your choices. The quote can be edited at any time and then, when you're ready, it only takes one click of your mouse button to place your order.

When you know roughly which colours you like the look of, you can order samples from our website to see the products in real life before committing to buy.

Please don't hesitate to contact the Arbour Landscape Solutions team if you have any questions about related products or installation techniques.

When you order porcelain cladding online, delivery is normally 4-5 working days after receipt of order.

Finally, we love it when customers share pictures of their finished landscaping projects - when yours is complete, why not see if it could be featured in our case studies section?