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Why We're backing British Landscaping Materials

23/05/2023 - News

One of the product ranges that MD Richard Bickler is most proud of on the Arbour Landscape Solutions website is the “UK Made” category. Here’s why….

  • Celebrating British craftsmanship.
  • Lower carbon footprint.
  • Better biosecurity.
  • Creating and maintaining UK jobs.
  • Money stays in the UK economy

A Bit About Richard

Richard Bickler has been involved in the UK Landscape Industry for over ¾ of his life. He trained at the amazing Capel Manor College in Enfield. And went on to work as a landscaper, running his own business until a bad back made physical work impossible. Now he has turned his hand to helping industry colleagues source the good quality landscaping materials they need to build incredible gardens.

Before a product can find its way on to the Arbour Landscape Solutions website, Richard will go to enormous lengths to check its quality and sustainability.  Which can mean travelling to other countries to inspect nurseries, quarries, factories etc for himself. To Richard, quality, innovation and ethical practice is more important than price.

He wants to be sure that supplier's staff are treated properly, the environment is respected and that things are made to last. There are definitely some great suppliers in this world, but in Richard’s honest opinion, there's something rather special about British craftsmanship.

Celebrating British Craftsmanship

For a fine example of British innovation, you need look no further that these lightweight concrete pavers.  Made to order by a UK Company, the paving slabs  and steps are 50% lighter than standard concrete. A real asset to health and safety, when it comes to moving them around site and installing them.  At the time of writing (May 2023) we’re hoping to add some steps and pavers to our yard stock so that they can be delivered to landscapers in double-quick time. For bespoke slabs, planters, boulders etc, the lead time is a little longer - but the products are well worth waiting for!

bearded gentleman lifts a 1200 x 600 concrete slab with ease

This lightweight concrete paver is easy to handle and more environmentally friendly than standard concrete landscaping materials

Another example of UK made landscaping products is lighting. Richard swears he has never seen better made lights than these. Designed and fabricated with 150% attention to detail. Pure class and built to last. What’s more, if ever there was a problem, he can drive to the factory, collect a replacement and deliver it to site as quick as a wink. No waiting for boats or planes to come in.

View our lighting range here

Lowering The Carbon Footprint Of Landscaping

Landscaping should be all about considering the environment. Sourcing materials as locally as possible is a big part of that. Some of products available from Arbour Landscape Solutions are imported – but only if there’s no suitable alternative in this country. Egyptian Limestone for example, can only come from Egypt. 

Why import materials when they can be made here? And when it comes to stone – why not consider reclaimed? 


Plant pests and diseases are a worry and despite strict import regulations there’s still a risk attached to imported flora.  As an Island nation we have a strong element of natural biosecurity – there’s only a limited number of species that can cross the ocean but sadly human activity is bypassing that.

British grown hedging, plants and trees are a priority for Arbour Landscape Solutions and plant passports are a must.

This instant hedging is a prime example. It’s propagated entirely in the UK from British grown whips, in locally sourced enriched soil and then transported by UK delivery companies.

View ALS Instant Hedging Solutions


Where to find British Landscaping Materials

To UK Made range of products on the Arbour Landscape Solutions website makes it easy to see at a glance which landscaping materials are made in Britain. Within the range you'll find a whole host of landscaping materials that are manufactured, fabricated, grown, quarried, created and made by the people of England, Scotland and Wales.  You can either browse the range, or you can look out for the little blue logo on product images.

In the UK made range you’ll find....


  • Metal edging
  • Lightweight concrete
  • Living wall kits
  • Green roofing supplies
  • Reclaimed stone
  • Instant hedging
  • Natural lawn turf
  • Wildflower turf
  • Seeds
  • Soils
  • Mulches
  • Lighting
  • Self binding gravel
  • Aggregates
  • Limestone paving
  • Plants
  • Trees

Visit the UK Made Range to see for yourself


And don't forget - the Arbour Landscape Solutions website is forever evolving. If you can't find what you need, please don't hesitate to call or email us - We're here to help.

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