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Helping your business survive Coronavirus

30/03/2020 - Services

The Landscape Industry Specialist is offering free mentoring to anyone who needs help to keep their business afloat in difficult times.

If you are worrying about the effects of Coronavirus on your landscaping business, you’re definitely not alone. Conflicting advice on whether or not to work and what financial help is available from the government is confusing and concerning just about everyone in the landscaping industry.

I’m here to offer a listening ear and sage advice on just about any aspect of helping your business to survive coronavirus. And because I want to relieve you of your burden, not add to it – my time is free

My team and I are here to offer help and advice with

  • HR.
  • Financial Planning.
  • Marketing.
  • Diversifying.
  • Brainstorming.
  • Upskilling.
  • Getting the support you need.

Why ask the Landscape Industry Specialist for help?

I feel as though I’m in a unique and privileged position. Not only am I an ex-landscaper with 26 years’ experience of running a design and build business, I have a great team behind me.  

The team includes:-

  • Roman - an amazing IT and software developer who keeps communications running smoothly in the  office.
  • Stuart and Jason website design experts who have helped me to create the one-stop-online-shop for the landscape industry
  • Angela - marketing guru,
  • Craig- Stone & Porcelain expert.
  • Steve-Yard operations & development manager.
  • Gaby - the best ever bookkeeper (so proud that she's my wife)
  • Debs - My fantastic head of admin lady who I'd be lost without. She has  a thorough knowledge of customer service and lots of experience in HR.
  • Mia - Social media wizard.

Between us we can offer moral support, answers to your questions and practical help.

Every single day I talk to dozens of landscapers and garden designers. I’m also in frequent contact with growers, manufacturers and suppliers. We’re using social media, Whatsapp and email to exchange information, share ideas and solve problems. It’s what I do. Having a good overview of the industry means that even if I haven’t got an immediate answer for you – I can soon put you in touch with someone who can (and will) help.

Frequently asked Coronavirus Lock Down Questions

Should landscapers keep on working?

At the time of writing, advice on this one is not super-clear. Is landscaping essential work? Could you be exposing yourself to the virus? Is there a risk that you might spread it?

I completely understand how the fear of losing work, losing money or losing your business might be driving your decisions. However, social responsibility is really important too. As is your safety and the safety of your employees and your clients.

My job is not to make any decisions for you. I can’t do that. However, what I can do, is listen to your worries and try to help you find the very best solution.

I would strongly advise anyone wondering whether or not to keep working, to talk to (or join) a trade body.. The Association of Professional Landscapers is posting regular, industry related updates through the HTA.https://hta.org.uk

Please remember to check government updates regularly too – this is your very best source of information.

Your least reliable source of information is other people who are worried themselves and are voicing strong opinions. It’s easy for the facts to get misinterpreted in these situations.

How can I use this time to make my business stronger?


The temptation during this strange time is to pull all marketing activity in an attempt to save money. I understand that mode of thinking. But have you thought of changing the way you promote your business?

You could use social media instead of paid advertising?

How about publishing some blogs, articles and website updates  to inspire, engage and entertain potential customers? OK so you’re not in the entertainment business, but whilst you’re not working on site, you could use the time to build up a fantastic reputation and to encourage people to consider how they could improve their outdoor spaces?

I’m planning a series of practical “how to” blogs on getting the most out of social media. Right now though, I need you to contact me and let me know what you most need help with.

Email me your suggestions for "how to" marketing articles

Create a business plan

Aside from marketing, you could be using this down time to plan ahead. Research suppliers and products but also make a business plan. What do you want your business to look like in 12 months time? How will you get there?

Talk to me – I’ve got a lot of experience for you to draw upon. I’m bursting with ideas too. Trust me, a brainstorming session with me and/or one of my team will help you to come up with a myriad of ideas.

Upskill yourself and your team

Can you do any training whilst in isolation? Sure you can!  There are lots of opportunities for online training.  From getting more out of Vectorworks to learning about innovative new landscaping products and running a business. What about working towards an ISO certificate so that your company can apply for more tenders? Or consider a mental health awareness course.

I have it on good authority that Jodie and the team at Penarth Management will have a diverse range of amazing training opportunities ready to deliver online very soon indeed.  Explore the possibilities here

Free Mentoring from the Landscape Industry Specialist

No matter what stage your landscaping or garden design business is at, I'm here to help you seek out and grasp opportunities to sustain and nurture your business through these difficult times. There's no charge - I like to be busy and I want our industry to stay strong.

Contact me whenever and however it's easiest for you.

Click here for my contact details

Look after yourself folks!

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