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5 Ways For Landscapers To Make Life Easier For Themselves

13/07/2021 - Services

You know that you should be working smarter not harder - but what can you change to make that happen?

Here are our top 5 suggestions for products and services that will save you time and ease the pressure on your mental and physical health. In short, these are ways that landscapers can make life easier for themselves.

  1. Use a Grabo to lift and manoeuvre slabs.
  2. Hire machinery as and when you need it and have it delivered direct to site.
  3. Use the My Bill of Quantities quoting tool to speed up pricing and procurement.
  4. Try Instant Hedging solutions for maximum impact in a very short time.
  5. Ditch the bricks and blocks and switch to this Solid Wall System for sturdy walls in a fraction of the time..

Safe Lifting And Speedy Laying With The Grabo Suction Lifter.

If you haven’t already invested in a Grabo vacuum cup, isn’t it time you did?  In simple terms, it’s a suction cup with a handle that makes it easier to lift and manoeuvre glass balustrades, porcelain pavers, natural stone slabs, wood or plastic.

No more slippy fingers or crushed digits - with Grabo you can confidently carry and position heavy or awkward landscaping materials.

Watch this video to discover more - and Order Your Grabo Right Here.

Machinery Delivered Direct To Site

When the equipment you rely on breaks down - or is being used on another project, rather than stress about juggling tasks, let the landscape industry specialists hire you a replacement at very competitive rates.

Our machinery hire service is super-speedy, very adaptable and will definitely make your life easier.

Browse our website to find the machine you need - there’s everything on there from table saws to excavators.  With just one click of the mouse you’ll be well on the way to getting vital equipment on site. Better still, there’ll be no need for you to waste time driving to the hire shop - we’ll get it delivered to you and picked up again when you’ve finished with it. Very often, we can have your machine on site the very next working day.

Discover More About Machinery Hire Here

No More Late Nights Pricing Up Products

The landscaping silly season often means working on the tools all day and coming home to price up the next job. Nobody fancies trawling through websites after a hard days work - especially if you have another early start in the morning.

The team here at Arbour Landscape Solutions, along with website developers at Upshot Media have developed a unique online tool to make life easier for landscapers and garden designers.

It couldn’t be simpler to use and it will save you hours and hours of gruelling, dull, product pricing.  Simply log into you trade account on the Arbour Landscape Solutions website, click on the “My Bill of Quantities” tab on your dashboard and upload your product list.

Don’t have a trade account? Click Here To Register Your Business On Our Website...it takes less than 5 minutes and is completely free of charge.

While you are working on site or enjoying time with the family, our team will turn your shopping list into an online quote that you can access from your dashboard. We aim to get back to you within 2 working days. 

The beauty of the quoting system on the Arbour Landscape Solutions website is that quotes are valid for 30 days AND when you’re ready to order, you only need to click on the buy button - your shopping cart will be populated from the quote.  Oh - and you can easily add or delete products and/or adjust the quantities.

Find Out How The My Bill of Quantities Tool Will Make Your Life Easier

my bill of quantities dashboard for arbour landscape solutions

how to upload bill of quantities to arbour landscape solutions account

Hate Planting Hedges? Try This

It takes ages to plant a good sized hedge.  All those plants to peel out of their pots, position and protect from harm. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could just dig a trench, put a mature hedge into it, backfill, irrigate and go home?

Well, thanks to a British grower - you can do exactly that.

Instant Hedging solutions from Arbour Landscape Solutions do exactly what the name suggests.  Choose your species, select the height you want your hedge to be and we’ll deliver your living hedge in 2.4 metre long sections. The sections are even labelled so that you plant them in the right order.  Yes, they will need to be planted as soon as they arrive on site, and, being big plants, they’ll want plenty of water for the first few weeks. But my goodness - they do make life easier - especially if your client wants a mature hedge in a hurry.

Instant Hedging arriving on site


Free Yourself From The Misery Of Building Block walls

Of the 5,000 or so products on the Arbour Landscape Solutions website, this has to be one of the most innovative.

The solid wall system replaces bricks and blocks for creating retaining walls, water features, solid screens and similar structures. The results - a solid, reinforced concrete wall with no joints, all ready for you to finish with tiles, cladding, render or paint.

Lightweight recycled plastic modules are assembled to make a mould for your wall. Fill the mould with poured concrete and leave your wall to set solid. It really is as simple as that.

Fun fact: Each module weighs just over 3Kg and measures L 60.5 cm  x H 53 cm x W 15cm.  Normal concrete blocks for an equivalent size weigh around 11Kg - over the course of a whole project, that will make an enormous difference to the state of your spine.

Want to know more? Head On Over To Our Website Where You’ll Be Able To Download The Full Brochure. 


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